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RCWRT Speakers for the Year 2006
January 10
Roger Mudd
A Lifelong Love of History

February 14
A Wilson Greene, Pamplin Park
Petersburg, Va: Confederate City in the Crucible of War

March 14
Stephen Cushman, UVA English
Bloody Promenade: Reflections on a Civil War Battle

April 11
Peter Carmichael, UNCG History
Last Generation: Young Virginians in Peace, War, and Reunion

May 9
Charles Lee Cooke, M.D
"The Ambulance Corps"

June 13
Gary Gallagher, UVA History
"The Seven Days Battles - A Major Turning Point in the Civil War"

July 11
John J Fox, III
The Brutal Realities of War

August 8
Noah Andre Trudeau
Black Soldiers' Experience: History of the 4th Division, 9th Corps

September 12
Chris Kolakowski, Perryville Battlefield Preservation Association
Perryville: The Battle for Kentucky

October 10
James M Perry, Wall Street Journal (retired)
Touched with Fire: Five Presidents and the Civil War Battles That Made Them

November 14
Mike Gorman, NPS Richmond (dinner meeting)
"Civil War Richmond Revisited"

December 12
Mr. Stephen Recker
"IX Corps Final Attack: The Pickett's Charge of Antietam"

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Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is possible that this may change without notice.

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