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RCWRT Speakers for the Year 2007
January 9
Mark K. Greenough
"A State House Divided: Virginia's Capitol and the Civil War"

February 13
John Hennessey
The Evolution and State of Battlefield Interpretation
(featuring case studies of Manassas and Fredericksburg)

March 13
Rick Hatcher
Either: "Fort Sumter and the Defense of Charleston"
or "The Battle of Wilson's Creek"

April 10
Bill Marvel
"The Road to Appomattox and Other Adventures in Iconoclasm"

May 8
William W. Freehling
"The Road to Disunion"

June 12
David Coles
Florida in the Civil War

July 10
Kevin Levin
General William Mahone and the Battle of the Crater

August 14
Art Bergeron
The life and career of a Louisiana Unionist, Capt. Dennis Haynes

September 11
Joseph T. Glatthaar
A collective biography of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia

October 9
James Morgan
The Battle of Ball's Bluff

November ?? (dinner meeting)
Thomas P. Lowry
"Confederate Heroines"

December 11
John F. Burgwyn
Col. Henry K. Burgwyn and "Kinchen."

TBA = To Be Announced
Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is possible that this may change without notice.

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