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RCWRT Speakers for the Year 2011
January 11
J. Britt McCarley
"The Great Question of the Campaign Was One of Supplies": A
Reinterpretation of Sherman's Generalship during the 1864 March to
Atlanta in Light of the Logistic Strategy.

February 8 Chris Calkins Thirty-six hours before Appomattox: April 6 and 7, 1865
March 8 Clay Mountcastle Punitive War: Confederate Guerillas and Union Reprisals
April 12 Scott Harris Battle of New Market and Beyond
May 10 Anna Holloway USS Monitor and its Crew
June 14 Anne S. Rubin Through the Heart of Dixie: Myth, Memory, and Sherman's March.
July 12 Earl Hess Trench Warfare Under Grant and Lee
August 9 Timothy Mauch Protecting Richmond's Battlefields
September 13 J. Tracy Power The Bond between Robert E. Lee and His Soldiers
October 11 John Hennessy Lee, Jackson, and Longstreet at Second Manassas
Tuesday, November 8 Dinner Meeting - Willow Oaks Country Club Elizabeth B. Pryor Lee Letters or Clara Barton
December 13 S. Waite Rawls, III Burying the Dead, But Not the Past
(TBA) = To Be Announced Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is possible that this may change without notice.

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