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RCWRT Speakers for the Year 2013
(All meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month unless noted.)
January 8
Bill Welsch
General Samuel Cooper

February 12 John Quarstein Damn the Torpedoes!: The Battle of Mobile Bay
March 12 Thomas Cartwright Nathan Bedford Forrest at Brice's Crossroads: A Lesson in Tactical Leadership
April 9 Tom Clemens Ezra Carmen and the Battle of Antietam
May 14 Brian Steel Wills Rock Steady: George H. Thomas in 1863
June 11 Robert F. O'Neill Chasing Jeb Stuart and John Mosby: The Union Cavalry in Northern Virginia from Second Manassas to Gettysburg
July 9 Jay Jorgenson Gettysburg's Bloody Wheatfield
August 13 Horace Mewborn Lee's Comanches: Elijah White and the 35th Virginia Cavalry Battalion
September 10 Glenn Trimmer The Stafford Civil War Park: The 11th Corps' 1863 Winter Encampment Preserved
October 8 Jeff Wert A Glorious Army: Robert E. Lee's Triumph in 1862-1863
November 12 George Kirsch Baseball in Blue and Gray
December 10 Mike Miller The Battle of Bristoe Station
(TBA) = To Be Announced Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is possible that this may change without notice.

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