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RCWRT Speakers for the Year 2014
(All meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month unless noted.)
January 14
Mike Kelly (Park Ranger, National Mall, NPS)
"A pretty team!-Rascality and Stupidity: Refighting the Battle of Gettysburg."
Mike's talk will analyze how Generals and Congressmen waged a war of words
months after the battle.

February 11 Ernie Price (Chief of Interpretation, Appomattox Court House NHP) "Going home from Appomattox." Ernie has done a lot of research on the journey of soldiers home from the surrender, including challenges they faced and how they got home.
March 11 Jim Godburn (Museum of Confederacy-Appomattox) "Sick Call and Surgery: Medical Practice in the American Civil War." Jim has also worked at Petersburg National Battlefield and Appomattox Court House. He currently is at the MOC-Appomattox. He has spent years researching and presenting programs on 19th Century medicine, both civilian and military.
April 8 Dr. Chris E. Fonvielle, Jr. (Professor of History, UNC-Wilmington) "Louis Froelich- Arms Maker to the Confederacy." Chris published a book by this title in 2011, his most recent. He has researched and spoken extensively on the Wilmington campaign.
May 13 Greg Starbuck (Executive Director, Historic Sandusky) "Hunter's Raid: When the Valley Wept." Greg is the driving force behind the preservation of Civil War resources in Lynchburg and is currently overseeing the restoration of the Sandusky House. In 2011 the site produced an award winning film on the battle of Lynchburg.
June 10 Greg Biggs (Flag researcher & author, Clarksville, TN) "Nashville: Siren's Song of the Confederacy" Greg is a well respected historian who has spoken to roundtables and historical organizations across the country. Much of his research has focused on flags, and the western theater.
July 8 Greg Sager (Director, Hanover County Parks) "The New Paradigm: Public Relations in a Post Recession World" In 2012 North Anna Battlefield Park acquired the area where Union troops attacked. For the first time visitors will be able to see the Union and Confederate perspectives of this battle. The Park is in the process of planning new trails and markers to interpret the action.
August 12 Andrew Duppstat (Assistant Curator of Education, NC Division of State Historic Sites) "The Military and Modern Careers of the CSS Neuse Confederate Ironclad to State Historic Site." Andrew oversees many programs at North Carolina's state historic sites, and has done a great deal of research on the CSS Neuse.
September 9 Jimmy Price (Education Assistant, George Washington Foundation) "Battle of New Market Heights." This will coincide with the 150th anniversary of this battle. Jimmy was scheduled to speak to us in 2012 but was unable.
October 14 Troy Marshall (Supervisor of Historical Interpretation, New Market Battlefield State Historic Site) "Confederate Engineers." Troy has researched the little known accomplishments of the Confederate Engineers with the Army of Northern Virginia.
November 13 Thursday (dinner meeting) - Dr. James "Bud" Robertson- Retired professor, VA Tech. "The Sesquicentennial vs. the Centennial: What Happened?" Dr. Robertson, who served on the Presidential Commission for the 1960s Civil War Centennial, will provide a comparison of the Centennial with the current Sesquicentennial.
December 9 John Guss (Manager, Bennett Place State Historic Site, Durham, NC) "A Dawn of Peace: Surrender at Bennett Place" John has worked at Fort Jackson in Savannah and Pamplin Park. He will discuss the little-understood surrender negotiations and the ending of the war in North Carolina.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is possible that this may change without notice.

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