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RCWRT Speakers for the Year 2019
(All meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month unless noted)

January 8 - Art Wingo
"Battle of Franklin"

February 12 - Edward Alexander "Crossing the James"
March 12 - Mike Gorman "New Photo Program"
April 9 - Chris Kolakowski "1864 Campaign"
May 14 - Chris Mackowski "Last Days of Stonewall Jackson"
June 11 - Drew Gruber "Battle of Williamsburg"
July 9 - Steve Phan "Battle of Fort Stevens"
August 13 - Bert Dunkerly "Brown's Island Explosion"
September 10 - Emmanuel Dabney "USCTs at Petersburg"
October 8 - Nathan Hall "Legal issues of Secession"
November 14, THURSDAY - Frank O'Reilly - (dinner meeting WOCC) "Stonewall at Malvern Hill"
December 10 - John Coski "Cdr. Hunter Davidson, CSN"
Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is possible that this may change without notice.

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