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Speakers and Programs of the RCWRT
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Date		Speaker 		Topic

August 1954	William F. Mallory, Richard H. Meyers, & E. W. Stevenson
					Union and Confederate Mistakes at Gettysburg
September 1954	Robert W. Waitt, Jr.	The Fight for New Mexico
October 1954	Van Dyk McBride & August Dietz, Sr.	Postal System in the Confederate States
November 1954	Troop 1, 2nd Virginia Cavalry		Small Arms
December 1954	William F. Clark	Battles & Leaders Around Richmond

January 1955	Members:		Reviews of Recent Books
February 1955	Movie:			"The Birth of a Nation"
March 1955	Members:		Who Were the Best Generals?
April 1955	Members:		The Four Big Battles Around Fredericksburg
May 1955	William H. Stauffer	Newsmen of the Civil War
June 1955	Robert W. Waitt, Jr.	President's Annual Report
July 1955	Hugh W. Williams & W. H. Stauffer	Harpers Ferry
August 1955	Samuel J. Moore		President Jefferson Davis
September 1955	William F. Clark	Seven Days Battles North of Chickahominy River
October 1955	Robert W. Waitt, Jr.	Feminine Participation in the Civil War
November 1955	Earl F. Lutz		Judah P. Benjamin
December 1955	William F. Mallory	The South's Ablest Field Commanders

January 1956	Hugh H. Williams	Small Military Units' Achievements
February 1956	Robert W. Waitt, Jr.	Arguments for Secession and Unionism
March 1956	William W. Jones & M. E. Mason		The Confederate Cavalry
April 1956	N. E. Warriner		Logistical Problems in CSA Command
May 1956	Richard B. Harwell	Literary Climate of the Confederacy
June 1956	Members:		Briefing on Gettysburg Tour
July 1956	Bernard F. Martin	Postwar Careers of Civil War Generals
August 1956	Lee A. Wallace		Battle of the Crater
September 1956	William H. Stauffer & Raymond Caudle (yes)
		William F. Mallory & Louis Rubin (no)
					Did Longstreet Fail at Gettysburg?:  A Debate
October 1956	John E. Damerel	Richmond on the Eve of War
November 1956	William F. Mallory & N. E. Warriner	Battles of Wilderness & Spotsylvania
December 1956	Samuel J. Moore	Defense of Richmond

January 1957	Members:		R. E. Lee
February 1957	Sam Neal		Lee's Withdrawal From Gettysburg
March 1957	J. Ambler Johnston	Lee and Freeman
April 1957	Robert W. Waitt, Jr.	Women Spies
May 1957	Eudora R. Richardson	Organization of CSA Government
June 1957	Virgil C. Jones		Gray Ghosts & Rebel Raiders
August 1957	Movie:			"This Was Shiloh"
September 1957	N. E. Warriner		Civil War Ordnance
October 1957	Bernard F. Martin	The Confederate Navy
November 1957	Members:		Reviews of Recent Books
December 1957	Robert W. Waitt, Jr.	Elizabeth Van Lew

January 1958	William F. Clark	The Battle of Sharpsburg
February 1958	William H. Stauffer	Sherman and Modern Warfare
March 1958	David F. LaPrade	Jackson's Valley Campaign
April 1958	Samuel J. Moore		Five Forks
May 1958	William N. Chew		George H. Thomas
June 1958				George Gordon Meade
August 1958	Documentary films	
September 1958	William F. Clarke & Samuel J. Moore	Seven Days Battles
October 1958	William G. Bean		"Sandie" Pendleton
November 1958	Harnett Kane		Christmas in the South

January 1959	Thomas H. Oxenham	Chancellorsville
February 1959	C. Hobson Goddin	Jubal A. Early
March 1959	Sidney E. King		Historical Dioramas
April 1959	William H. Stauffer	Last Days of the Army of Northern Virginia
June 1959	Kent Wade & Robert Howard	Confederate Arms and Ordnance
August 1959	Joseph Cullen		Richmond National Battlefield Park Plans
September 1959	Roland Galvin		The Trial of John Brown
October 1959	Francis F. Wilshin	Second Battle of Manassas
November 1959	E. Milby Burton		The Siege of Charleston

January 1960	James L. McConaghie	Siege of Vicksburg
February 1960	Alfred P. Goddin, Robert W Waitt, Jr., Louise M. Galvin, and Samuel J.  Moore
					Pre-Civil War Backgrounds on Jefferson Davis,
					Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant, and R. E. Lee
April 1960	Philip Van Doren Stern	Confederate Navy in Europe
May 1960	Jim Comstock		West Virginia in the Civil War
June 1960	Joseph P. Cullen	U.S. Grant's Achievements
August 1960	Members:		Quiz meeting
September 1960	India W. Thomas 	The Confederate Museum
October 1960	Spencer D. Albright, Jr.	Causes of the Civil War
November 1960	James Keeler		Gettysburg
December 1960	S. L. Latimer		Columbia, South Carolina: Secession and Burning

January 1961	C. Hobson Goddin and Samuel J. Moore	Peace Conference of 1861
February 1961	Charles L. Kessler, USN	Jefferson Davis as Chief Executive
March 1961	Members Discussion:	Abraham Lincoln as Chief Executive
April 1961	Sam Neal		Rich Mountain
May 1961				Confederate War Cabinet
June 1961	George W. Rogers (Presented by Jack Stinson)	Parker's Virginia Battery
July 1961	Members:		Quiz meeting
August 1961	C. Hobson Goddin & Joseph P. Cullen	Consequences of First Manassas
September 1961	John C. Stinson, Thomas Oxenham, Beverly McDowell, and Hugh Williams
					21st Virginia Infantry, 1st Virginia Regiment,
					13th Pennsylvania Regiment, 20th Maine Infantry
October 1961	George W. Rogers	House Divided
November 1961	Richard H. Kern		Overall Effect of Civil War

January 1962	Harry J. Warthen, Jr., MD	Stonewall Jackson and Hunter McGuire
February 1962	William H. Stauffer	Myth of McClellan's Unfitness
March 1962	Roland Galvin		Virginia's Wartime Government
April 1962	William Kay		War in the West, 1862
May 1962	Richard H. Kern		1862 Valley Campaign
June 1962	N. E. Warriner		Peninsula Campaign I
July 1962	N. E. Warriner		Peninsula Campaign II
August 1962	Richard H. Kern		Second Battle of Manassas
September 1962	William F. Mallory	Battle of Sharpsburg
October 1962	Joseph P. Cullen	Battle of Fredericksburg
November 1962	Members:		Quiz meeting
January 1963	Louis H. Manarin	Robert E. Lee
February 1963	William H. Stauffer	Newspapermen as Writers of Civil War History
March 1963	W. W. Jones		Generals in Gray
April 1963	Samuel J. Moore		Public Finance in the Confederacy
May 1963	Richard Kern		Chancellorsville
June 1963	William F. Mallory	Gettysburg, Day One
July 1963	Jack Stinson		Gettysburg, Days Two & Three
August 1963	Chester T. Bradley	Jefferson Davis at Fort Monroe
September 1963	Richard Lanier		The American Citizen Soldier

January 1964	Don Wiseman		Stonewall Jackson
February 1964	William K. Kay		War in the Trans-Mississippi Theater
March 1964	J. J. Keeler		Civil War Logistics 
April 1964	William K. Kay		Nathan Bedford Forrest
May 1964	F. Nash Boney		Governor John Letcher
June 1964	Members:		Quiz meeting
July 1964	Thomas M. Glaser	Civil War Societies in England
August 1964	R. Bolling Batte	Virginia Military Institute in the War
September 1964	Beverly McDowell	"Willie" Pegram
October 1964	Benjamin J. Hillman	Edward Porter Alexander
November 1964	James V. Murfin		Maryland Campaign
December 1964	James I. Robertson, Jr.	

January 1965	H. Douglas Pitts	Brook Hill During the War
February 1965	William F. Mallory	Outstanding Battery Commanders
March 1965	Samuel J. Moore		Southern Leaders' Views on Slavery, States' Rights,
					and Secession
April 1965	C. Hobson Goddin	The Army of Northern Virginia in April 1865
May 1965	James Kretschmann	The Battle of the Crater
June 1965	Harry J. Warthen	Medicine & Surgery in the War
July 1965	William K. Kay		Raising & Training An Infantry Regt.
August 1965	Charles E. Shedd, Jr.	The Raising of the Cairo
September 1965	John E. Damerel		Richmond City Council Minutes
October 1965	William R. Hollomon	Andrew Johnson
November 1965	William H. Stauffer	Early's 1864 Valley Campaign
December 1965	Glenn Tucker		Chickamauga

January 1969	L. David Horner, III	Blockade Runners
February 1969	Members:		The Civil War Character I Dislike the Most, and Why
March 1969	R. Bolling Batte	The Confederate Corps of Engineers
April 1969	W. W. Jones		The Army of Tennessee
May 1969	W. Roland Galvin	George Wythe Randolph
June 1969	Frank Daylor		Chancellorsville and Gettysburg
September 1969	George H. Burnett	Campfires & Battlefields Revisited
November 1969	Douglas O. Tice		Richmond Bread Riot
December 1969	J. Ambler Johnston	Lee's First 65 Days in Command

January 1970	Hobert G. Cawood	Fighting at Charleston, 1863-65
February 1970	Daniel T. Balfour	Southampton Insurrection
March 1970	John E. Damerel		Lee's Retreat
May 1970	Herbert M. Schiller	Fort Pulaski
June 1970	Frank Root		Lewis & Clark
September 1970	William H. Stauffer	Jefferson Davis
November 1970	Hobart G. Cawood & David Dutcher	George H. Thomas
December 1970	Members:		Recognition of Members Who Served on the
					Centennial Committee

January 1971	Members:		"Show & Tell" 
February 1971	William W. Jones	Economic Conditions in the Confederacy
March 1971	Dale Wiley		James River & Kanawha Canal
April 1971	Ralph Happel		Fredericksburg in the Civil War
June 1971	Members:		Quiz meeting
September 1971	George Meadows & Mac Mason	Bullets of the Civil War
November 1971	Douglas O. Tice		Prosecution of Jefferson Davis
December 1971	James I. Robertson, Jr.	A Virginia Private in the CSA

January 1972	John E. Damerel		Roads of Two Wars
February 1972	Louis H. Manarin	Resources of the Virginia State Library
March 1972	Members:		Show and Tell
May 1972	Kurt Brandenburg	White House of the Confederacy
June 1972	W. Roland Galvin	The Civil War on the Outer Banks
September 1972	R. Bolling Batte	The Chambersburg Raid
October 1972	Leslie L. Jones	Personal Experiences in WWI
November 1972	Archibald G. Robertson	Personal Experiences in WWI
December 1972	Members:		Past Presidents Give Highlights of Their
					Time in Office

January 1973	Members:		Favorite Civil War Books
February 1973	Members:		Quiz program
March 1973	M. L. Neuroth		Drugs Used in the Civil War
April 1973	Oscar C. V. Wev		Confederate Navy
June 1973	Richmond National Battlefield Park Staff	Life of the Civil War Soldier
September 1973	Hyman Schwartzberg	Civil War Uniforms
October 1973	Members:		Discussion on Vicksburg
November 1973	Craig Carroll		Johnny Reb:  The Tangible & Intangible
December 1973	Don Steiner		History of Photography

January 1974	Joseph P. Cullen	Seven Days Battles
February 1974	Samuel J. Moore		Jefferson Davis and the Peninsula Campaign
March 1974	Oscar C. V. Wev		Navies in the Peninsula Campaign
April 1974	C. Hobson Goddin	Richmond During the Peninsula Campaign
May 1974	John E. Damerel		Mechanicsville and Gaines's Mill
June 1974	William M. Fambrough, Jr.	Andrews' Raid
September 1974	Douglas O. Tice & Terry H. Umphlett	Savage Station to Malvern Hill
October 1974	J.E.B. Stuart, IV	J.E.B. Stuart
November 1974	Members:		Quiz meeting
December 1974	Ralph W. Donnelly	Confederate Marine Corps

January 1975	Samuel J. Moore		Lee, An Enigma
February 1975	R. Bolling Batte	Malvern Hill to Second Manassas
March 1975	Kurt Brandenburg	Harper's Ferry, 1859-1865
April 1975	H. Hugh Williams	Second Manassas
May 1975	William F. Mallory	Spotsylvania to the James
June 1975	W. Roland Galvin	Virginia Railroads in the Civil War
September 1975	Kenneth E. Apschnikat	Antietam and the Maryland Campaign
October 1975	Stephen M. Rowe		Southern Historical Society
November 1975	John E. Damerel		Battle of Fredericksburg
December 1975	Joseph P. Cullen	Chimborazo Hospital

January 1976	Suse Field & Stephanie Halloran	Elizabeth Van Lew
February 1976	Giles Cromwell	Virginia Manufactory of Arms
March 1976	C. Hobson Goddin	John D. Hobson, Co. F, 4th Virginia Cavalry
April 1976	R. Bolling Batte	Chancellorsville and Salem Church
May 1976	Samuel J. Moore & Douglas O. Tice	Jefferson Davis, Burton Harrison,
							and the Confederate White House
June 1976	Tom Tankersley & Charlie Breeland	Civil War Music
September 1976	Douglas O. Tice, Terry H. Umphlett, and William M. Powell
					Chancellorsville to Gettysburg
October 1976	William F. Mallory	Gettysburg, July 2, 1863
November 1976	William K. Muse, Jr.	Gettysburg, July 3, 1863
December 1976	Robert K. Krick		Parker's Virginia Battery

January 1977	Louis H. Manarin	North Carolina Troops in the Army of Northern Virginia
February 1977	William F. Mallory	Longstreet's Corps at Chickamauga
March 1977	Sandra V. Parker	Libby Prison
April 1977	James H. Dement, Jr.	Ulysses S. Grant
May 1977	Robert K. Krick		Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
June 1977	William K. Muse, Jr.	The Overland Campaign
September 1977	C. Hobson Goddin	In Defense of Early's Valley Campaign
October 1977	Daniel P. Jordan	Richmond as Confederate City
November 1977	W. Roland Galvin	Bermuda Hundred
December 1977	Horace E. Jones, Jr.	Civil War Medical and Health Services 

January 1978	Henry M. Holland, M.D.	Psychiatrist's View of R. E. Lee's Personality
February 1978	William D. Henderson	Petersburg During the War
March 1978	James H. Dement, Jr. & William F. Mallory	Cold Harbor to Petersburg
April 1978	John E. Damerel		Battle of the Crater
May 1978	Kenneth Apschnikat	Appomattox Court House
September 1978	John G. Barrett		Sherman in the Carolinas
October 1978	Douglas O. Tice		Was Jefferson Davis a Traitor?
November 1978	Samuel J. Moore		Lee After the War
December 1978	William F. Mallory, Samuel J. Moore, Douglas O. Tice, and H. Hugh Williams
					The Good Old Days at RCWRT 

January 1979	James H. Dement, Jr.	Battle of Shiloh
February 1979	Robert K. Krick		Edward P. Alexander
March 1979	William A. Frassanito	Civil War Photography at Antietam, Gettysburg,
					and the Virginia Campaign
April 1979	Ludwell H. Johnson, III	The Plundering Generation
May 1979	William W. Jones	The Army of Tennessee and its Leaders
June 1979	Roland Galvin		Ambrose P. Hill
September 1979	H. Douglas Pitts	"Beechenbrook"
October 1979	Members:		Quiz meeting
November 1979	Leslie D. Jensen	Exhibits at The Museum of the Confederacy
December 1979	 Edward D. C. Campbell, Jr.	Richmond's Wartime Christmases, 1861-1864

January 1980	Henry M. Holland, M.D.	"The Stonewall Personality"
February 1980	C. Hobson Goddin	The Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid
March 1980	John B. Breeden		The "Other" Civil War Prisons in Richmond
April 1980	John Davis		Appomattox Manor
May 1980	Michael Thomas		Roberdeau Wheat and the Louisiana Tigers
June 1980	Betty Ownsby		Lewis Paine
September 1980	Edwin C. Bearss		Jackson at Cross Keys and Port Republic
October 1980	Quiz meeting		Jackson's Valley Campaign
November 1980	James H. Dement, Jr.	Phil Sheridan
December 1980	James I. Robertson, Jr.	"Ambler Johnston and One of Historical Dreams"

January 1981	Christopher M.  Calkins	Sayler's Creek
February 1981	Francis F. Wilshin	First Manassas and the David Bullock Harris Maps
March 1981	John P. Ackerly, III	Jackson's McDowell Campaign
April 1981	Oscar C. V. Wev		Cruise of the CSS Alabama
May 1981	John Broadwater		Civil War shipwrecks
June 1981	James L. Morrison, Jr.	West Point and the Confederacy
September 1981	E. B. Potter		"Yorktown - the Campaign that won Our Independence"
October 1981	William F. Mallory	Longstreet after the War
November 1981	Richard D. Mudd		Dr. Samuel A. Mudd and the Lincoln Assassination
December 1981 	Emory M. Thomas		"The Confederate State of Richmond Revisited"
Febuary 1982	H. Douglas Pitts	Letters of a Gaston Ranger
March 1982	Douglas O. Tice		Eppa Hunton
April 1982	James T. Moore		The Confederate Cabinet
May 1982	Louis H. Manarin	Henrico County in the Civil War
June 1982	Michael Chesson		Richmond During the War
September 1982	Richard J. Sommers	Lee and Grant at Richmond and Petersburg
October 1982	Quiz meeting		Richmond During the War
November 1982	John W. Schildt		Hunter Holmes McGuire
December 1982	Les Jensen		"The Common Soldier, the Lighter Side"

January 1983	Dan Balfour		George H. Thomas
February 1983	Robert K. Krick		Cedar Mountain
March 1983	Richard McMurry		General John Bell Hood
April 1983	C. Hobson Goddin	General Jubal A. Early
May 1983	J.E.B. Stuart, IV	J.E.B. Stuart's early years
June 1983	James L. Morrison, Jr.	General Henry Heth
September 1983	Robert G. Tanner	"Stonewall in the Valley"
October 1983	Quiz meeting		 "General in Gray - General in Blue"
November 1983	Andrew N. Lytle		"On Being a Southerner"
Dece mber 1983	J. Bryan, III		"The Sword Over the Mantel"

January 1984	John E. Divine		Cavalry Actions Prior to Gettysburg
February 1984	William F. Mallory	Lee and Longstreet at Gettysburg
March 1984	Richard McMurry		The Army of Tennessee vs. The Army of Northern Virginia
April 1984	James O. Hall		The Dahlgren Papers
May 1984	Dennis E. Frye		The Siege and Capture of Harpers Ferry
June 1984	Charles W. Royster	The Character of General William T. Sherman
September 1984	Douglas O. Tice (affirmative) and William F. Mallory (negative)
					"Was Stuart Right in Taking the Route He Did
					from Virginia to Gettysburg?"
October 1984	Quiz meeting		Confederate and Federal Cavalry
November 1984	David A. Bovenizer	"From Appomattox to Aquarius: The Continuing Cause"
December 1984	Harold E. Howard	The Returning Confederate Soldier

January 1985	William C. Davis	The Siege of Charleston
February 1985	Edwin C. Bearss		The Battle of Brice's Crossroad
March 1985	Ludwell H. Johnson	Red River Campaign
April 1985	B. David Mann		General George E. Pickett
May 1985	Kim B. Holien		The Battle of Ball's Bluff
June 1985	Millard L. Spivey	Longstreet and His Virginians at Chickamauga
September 1985	Mary Tyler Freeman	Cheek Douglas Southall Freeman and the
					Writing of R. E. Lee
October 1985	Virginius Dabney	Richmond Before, During and After the War
November 1985	John W. Lynn		Andersonville: Now and Then
December 1985	Jon Kukla		Hollywood Cemetery

January 1986	Herbert M. Schiller	Bermuda Hundred Campaign
February 1986	Oscar C. Wev		Civil War Naval Operations on the Western Rivers
March 1986	Christopher M. Calkins	The Battle of Five Forks
April 1986	James T. Moore		Disloyalty in the Confederacy
May 1986	Richard McMurry		General John Bell Hood in the Atlanta
					and Tennessee Campaigns
June 1986	Elizabeth Scott McKemie and the curators of the Museum
					Behind-the-Scenes at The Museum of the Confederacy
September 1986	Robert R. Smith		The Battle of Ox Hill
October 1986	James C. Ruehrmund	Money in Wartime Richmond
November 1986	Robert K. Krick		Reflections on Longstreet's Attitudes
December 1986	Daniel P. Jordan	"Richmond, First City of the Confederacy"

January 1987	A. Wilson Greene	Stonewall Jackson and the Seven Days
February 1987	James I. Robertson, Jr.	General A. P. Hill
March 1987	Joseph A. Gutterrez, Jr.	USS Monitor and CSS Virginia
April 1987	K. Jeremy Williams	The Confederate Navy and Its British Connection
May 1987	Gary W. Gallagher	The Unpublished Porter Alexander
June 1987	Ralph W. Donnelly	The Confederate Marine Corps
September 1987	Dennis E. Frye		Leadership in the Maryland Campaign
October 1987	John E. Divine		The Second Ride Around McClellan
November 1987	A. Wilson Greene	Meade vs. Jackson at Fredericksburg
December 1987	Mary P. Coulling	The Lee Girls

January 1988	Douglas O. Tice		The Confederate Constitution
February 1988	William D. Henderson	The Road to Bristoe Station
March 1988	Jeffrey D. Wert		Early vs. Sheridan: Generalship in the
					1864 Valley Campaign
May 1988	Gregory A. Mertz	The Lee-Jackson Connection
June 1988	Richard M. Lee		Wartime Washington and Richmond 
September 1988	Robert H. Prosperi	The Development of Gettysburg National
					Military Park
October 1988	Quiz meeting		Gettysburg Campaign
November 1988	Benjamin F. Cooling	Forts Henry and Donelson Revisited
December 1988	Patricia Sumner		"The Fighting Lady - The Woman in Uniform"

January 1989	Dennis P. Mroczkowski	Fort Monroe and the Monitor and the Virginia
February 1989	Merlin E. Sumner	"Some Observations on Grant and His Army"
March 1989	Howard O. Hendricks	Artifacts of the Overland Campaign in
					The Museum of the Confederacy
April 1989	Thomas A. Wheat, M.D.	The Confederate Medical Service
May 1989	Gary W. Gallagher 	The Antietam Campaign
June 1989	Richard M. McMurry	Confederate Newspapers
September 1989	William D. Matter	The Struggle for the Salient
October 1989	Quiz meeting		The Petersburg Campaign
November 1989	Michael J. Andrus	General Edward "Allegheny" Johnson
December 1989	James I. Robertson, Jr.	"Stonewall Jackson: Cromwell of the Confederacy"

January 1990	Steven A. Cormier	The Siege of Suffolk
February 1990	James H. Blankenship, Jr.	A History of City Point
March 1990	Christopher M. Calkins	The Petersburg Campaign 
April 1990	William C. Davis	"Myths and Realities of the Civil War"
May 1990	John B. Carter		General Wade Hampton
June 1990	John E. Divine		Stuart's Cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign
September 1990	William F.  Mallory	The Battle of Chaffin's Farm
October 1990	Paul N. Meier		The Amphibious Assaults on Fort Fisher
November 1990	Douglas O. Tice		The "Lost Cause" movement
December 1990	Harriet A. Engler	"Attire During the Civil War"

January 1991	Frank A. O'Reilly	Archer's Brigade at Fredericksburg
February 1991	J.E.B. Stuart, IV	The military legacies of J.E.B. Stuart 
March 1991	Christopher M. Calkins	The Battle of Five Forks
April 1991	Dennis E. Frye		Mosby vs. Sheridan in the Valley
May 1991	Steven J. Schmit	Strategy and Tactics in the Western Theater
June 1991	Richard McMurry		The Gettysburg Decision
September 1991	William A. Tidwell	The Confederate Secret Service
October 1991	Ted Tunnell		The Carpetbagger's Tale
November 1991	A. Wilson Greene	Gettysburg - Culp's Hill
December 1991	Tom Lewis		"Putting Historical Preservation into Politics"

January 1992	L. C. Angle, Jr.	The War in Southwest Virginia
February 1992	Charles F. Bryan, Jr.	Virginia's Yankee Generals
March 1992	John Hennessy		Subordinate Commanders in the Army of the Potomac
April 1992	Theodore P. Savas	The Battle of Payne's Farm
May 1992	Michael Litterst	Lincoln's Visit to Richmond
June 1992	C. Hobson Goddin	The Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid
September 1992	Joseph L. Harsh		McClellan and the Maryland Campaign Reconsidered
October 1992	David Ruth		Siege of Charleston
November 1992	William A. Young, Jr.	Rev. George W. Fin ley, 56th Virginia Infantry
December 1992	Robert K. Krick		The Virginia Homefront

January 1993	Edward Longacre		Army of the James in the Virginia Campaign
February 1993	Henny Schuster		Flora Cooke Stuart
March 1993	Robert J. Trout		"The Men Who Followed Stuart's Plume"
April 1993	Ernest B. Furgurson, Jr.	Chancellorsville
May 1993	J. Anderson Thomson	"Putting the General [Lee] on the Couch"
June 1993	James C. Kelly and Giles Cromwell	How the South Armed Itself
September 1993	Craig L. Symonds	Joseph E. Johnston in the Atlanta Campaign
October 1993	Mark Malvasi		Masters and Slaves in the Antebellum South
November 1993	Peggy Vogtsberger	Welbourne: Diaries and Letters of the
					Dulany Family, 1861-1865
December 1993	H. Alexander Wise, Jr.	John S. Wise of Virginia

January 1994	W. Roland Galvin	George Wythe Randolph
February 1994	Frank O'Reilly		Evolution of Cavalry in 1864 and the
					Battle of Trevilian's Station
March 1994	John Hennessy		Union Subordinate Command in the Peninsula Campaign
April 1994	Theodore P. Savas	CSS Arkansas in the Defense of Vicksburg
May 1994	 Robert E. L. Krick	Sheridan's Raid and the Battle of Yellow Tavern
June 1994	Gary W. Gallagher	Shenandoah Valley, 1862/ 1864
July 1994	John M. Coski		The 32nd Wisconsin Infantry
August 1994	Mark Malvasi		The African-American Struggle for Freedom
September 1994	Jeffry D. Wert		The Generalship of James Longstreet
October 1994	Richard McMurry		The Atlanta Campaign
November 1994	John M. Priest		The Opening Day of the Wilderness
December 1994	Henny Schuster		Mary Todd Lincoln and Varina Howell Davis

January 1995	A. Wilson Greene	Stoneman's Raid
February 1995	Robert P. Johnson	Civil War generals in the Mexican War
March 1995	Robert K. Krick		William E. "Grumble" Jones
April 1995	Peter S. Carmichael	Willie Pegram - Lee's Young Artillerist
May 1995	Gary W. Gallagher	The Army of Northern Virginia in May 1864:
					A Crisis in Command
June 1995	Danny Shackelford	The War in Missouri and Kansas
July 1995	James M. McPherson	The Chancellorsville Syndrome
August 1995	Robert J. Trout		The Stuart Horse Artillery
September 1995	Christopher M. Calkins	Lee's Retreat to Appomattox
October 1995	Gregory A. Mertz	J.E.B. Stuart at Chancellorsville
November 1995	Chris J. Hartley	General James B. Gordon
December 1995		

January 1996	Noah A. Trudeau		Fighting Along the New Market,
					Darbytown, and Williamsburg Roads, October 1864
February 1996	Dennis E. Frye		Why Antietam Should Never Have Occurred
March 1996	Mark L. Bradley		The Battle of Bentonville
April 1996	Edward L. Ayers		"Worrying About the Civil War"
May 1996	Edward G. Longacre	General George E. Pickett
July 1996	William J. Miller	Jed Hotchkiss
August 1996	Robert E. L. Krick	Stonewall Jackson and the Seven Days
September 1996	Mac Wyckoff		Kershaw's Brigade in the Seven Days
October 1996	John Hennessy		Abraham Lincoln and the Virginia Front in 1862
November 1996	Gordon Rhea		Lee's Generalship in the Wilderness and Spotsylvania
December 1996	Robert K. Krick		"Stonewall Jackson's Books"

January 1997	John M. Coski		"The Four Most Valuable Men in the Confederate Navy"
February 1997	David F. Bastian	Grant's Vicksburg Canal
March 1997	Gary W. Gallagher	Guerrilla War
April 1997	Michael F. Holt		"Did Slavery Cause the Civil War? Another Look"
May 1997	Chris E. Fonvielle, Jr.	The Wilmington Campaign
June 1997	Daniel W. Barefoot	General Robert F. Hoke
July 1997 	Robert O'Neill		The Battles of Aldie, Middleburg, and Upperville
August 1997	Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr.	The Red River Campaign 
September 1997	Gregg S. Clemmer	Confederate Medal of Honor Recipients
October 1997	Ernest B.  Furgurson	Richmond at War
November 1997	Scott Mauger		The Life of John Pelham
December 1997	James I. Robertson, Jr.	The Writing of Stonewall Jackson

January 1998	David R. Ruth		Hanover County Civilians during the Civil War
February 1998	James Tice Moore	Virginia's Civil War Governors
March 1998	Robin Reed		The Lighter Side of Soldier Life
April 1998	Edward L. Ayers		The "Valley of the Shadow" Project
May 1998	Donald C. Pfanz		General Richard S. Ewell
June 1998	Jeff Driscoll		The Life of Billy Yank
July 1998	Gary Ecelbarger		The Jackson-Garnett Court Martial
August 1998		
September 1998	Brian Steel Wills	The Life of Nathan Bedford Forrest
October 1998	Eric Campbell		Gettysburg Through the Words of the Soldiers
November 1998	Wayne Motts		Gen. Lewis A. Armistead
December 1998	Keith and Pat Gibson	Civil War Music

January 1999	Howard E. Bartholf	The Story of Libby Prison
February 1999	A. Wilson Greene	The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier:
					A Preview
March 1999	Charles E. Walton	Elmira Prison Camp
April 1999	James P. Gannon		6th Louisiana Infantry "Irish Rebels"
May 1999	Jerry W. Holsworth	The Battle of New Market
June 1999	J. Tracy Power		Cold Harbor as Seen by the Army of Northern Virginia
July 1999	Charles D. Ross		Acoustics in the Civil War
August 1999	William Glenn Robertson	Longstreet at Chickamauga
September 1999	John L. Heatwole	Sheridan's Burning of the Shenandoah Valley
October 1999	Scott Mauger		The Cabinet of Jefferson Davis
November 1999	Chris E. Fonvielle, Jr.	Lt. Commander William B. Cushing, USN
December 1999	William C. Davis	Lincoln and the Union Soldier

January 2000	Robert J. Schneller	John W. Grattan, USN, and the Experience of
					Naval Combat in the War
February 2000	Mark K. Ragan		Union and Confederate Submarine Warfare
					in the Civil War
March 2000	Steven H. Newton	Joseph E. Johnston and the Defense of Richmond
April 2000	Don Allison		Diary of a POW at Belle Isle
May 2000	Thomas Cartwright	The Battle of Franklin, Tennessee
June 2000	David Johnson		Douglas Southall Freeman
July 2000	Thomas G. Clemens	"Will the Real Iron Brigade Please Stand Up!"
August 2000	James L. Conrad		The Confederate States Naval Academy
September 2000	William J. Miller	Union leadership in the 1862 Valley
October 2000	Richard R. Duncan	Lee's Endangered Left in 1864
November 2000	Craig Symonds		Admiral Franklin Buchanan
December 2000	Edwin C. Bearss		The Raising of the Cairo 

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