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The Constitution of the Richmond Civil War Round Table
Founded August 10, 1954
Amended October 9, 1980
Amended December 9, 2009
Amended December 13, 2016
Amended January 2019


The name of this organization shall be:


To discuss the events, customs, military actions  and  other  activities
pertaining  to  the Civil War (1861 - 1865).  To encourage and stimulate
interest  in  the  objectives  of  all  agencies   interested   in   the
preservation   and  protection  of  landmarks,  earthworks,  relics  and
collections of data pertinent to the above period for use by the general


Section 1: There shall be five (5) classes of membership:

   a. Member -  individual  who  is  in  good  standing  continually  from
	initially joining
   b. Member couple - individuals who are in good standing continually from
	initially joining. 
   c. New Member - An individual who joins for the first time or renews after
	a 6-month lapse of membership
   d. New Member Couple - Individuals who join for the first time, add a
	spouse to the membership of an existing member or renews a couple's
	membership after a 6-month lapse of membership.
   e. Student - 13 years or older and enrolled as a full time student

Section 2: By three-fourths (3/4) vote of the  members  present  at  any
	regular  business  meeting, The Richmond Civil War Round Table may elect
	to Life Honorary  membership  any  persons  who  have  made  outstanding
	contributions  to  the  knowledge  and/or  advancement  of the Civil War
	period.  There shall be no more than ten (10) Life Honorary  members  at
	any given time.

Section 3: The secretary shall receive and process application  for  all
	membership categories.


Section 1: The officers of The Richmond Civil War Round Table shall be:

   a. President, who shall preside over general and special meetings,
   b. First vice president, who shall act also as Program Chairman,
   c. Second vice president, who shall act as Chairman of Field Trips  and
	arrange the following year's programs,
   d. Secretary, who shall maintain records of memberships and collect dues,
   e. Treasurer, who shall receive and assist secretary in collecting and
	depositing revenues, pay expenses, and report on finances, and
   f. Webmaster, who shall maintain and update the organization's website.

These officers shall be duly elected at the  annual  meeting  and  shall
serve for the term of one (1) year.  These officers shall be chosen from
and by members in good standing.

Section 2: The duties of the offices shall be those  described  generally
	in Section 1 above and more specifically in position descriptions.

Section 3:  The  above mentioned officers, the immediate Past President
	and three Past Presidents to be designated by vote of the membership at
	the annual meeting shall compose an Executive Committee.

   a. This governing body is empowered to transact any  business  of  this
	organization  except  the  election  of  officers  and  of the Executive
	Committee and the establishment of dues and initiation fees.
   b. Said Executive Committee may recommend policy and programs for ratification
	of the membership. 
   c. A majority of the members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a

Section 4: The term of officers and committees shall be from January 1 through
	December 31 or until their successors are elected.


Section 1: The members shall meet once a year in the month  of  December
	at  a  business  meeting;  hereafter,  called the Annual Meeting for the
	purpose of presenting the annual reports, budgets, fixing  of  the  dues
	and election of officers.

Section 2: The regular monthly meetings of this organization shall be on
	the second Tuesday of each month  with  the  exception  of  the  Holiday
	meeting held in November.

Section 3:  Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern all
	matters before the organization where not otherwise specified.


Section 1: Each member of The Richmond Civil War Round Table  shall  pay
	dues  to  the Secretary the amount voted by the membership at the annual
	meeting as the year's rate of dues.

   a. Upon recording for active  membership  purposes,  the  Secretary  will
	forward  members  checks  to  the Treasurer or deposit them in agreement
	with Treasurer.
   b. Checks will be used as a document of payment by members  and  recorded
	in the yearly receipt book.
   c. Cash payments will be recorded  in  the  yearly  receipt  book  and  a
	receipt will be given to the members for their records.
   d. Payment of dues is on or before  February 15  yearly  or  as  otherwise
	specified in the RCWRT Member Application Form.
   e. Dues announcements are published in the October - February newsletters.

Section 2: Members, who pay on or after February 16, are required to  pay
	a $25 late fee to remain in continuing membership status.

Section 3: Membership  year  is  January  1  through  December  31 and
	coincides with terms of RCWRT officers.


Section 1: All new members to The Richmond Civil War Round  Table  shall
	pay a one-time Initiation Fee.

Section 2: Prorate dues schedule will be as follows:	

   a. January 1 -  June 30 = full payment
   b. July 1 - December 31 = one half (1/2) payment


Section 1: The Executive Committee (described in Article IV,  Section  3
	above)  shall also constitute the Nominating Committee and shall solicit
	recommendations of candidates  for  officers  from  the  membership  and
	recommend the slate of officers at the Annual Meeting.

Section 2: Other  committees  may  be named by the President.  No such
	committee shall serve longer than the end of one  year;  although,  this
	shall not prevent their re-appointment.


Section 1: Any member in good standing may bring a reasonable number of guests to any regular business meeting of this organization. 

Section 2: No guest may attend more than two (2) meetings without applying for membership.  

Section 3: Special meetings and social functions may restrict attendance of guests by action of the membership and/or Executive Committee.


Amendments may be made to this Constitution by a two-thirds  (2/3)  vote
of  the  members  present  at  a duly called business meeting.  Proposed
amendment changes will be  made  available  to  the  membership  in  the
RCWRT's  monthly  newsletter the month prior to the meeting's discussion
and vote.  The newsletter will be sent  to  each  member  as  they  have
indicated  their monthly preference for mailing through the U.S.  Postal
Service or electronic copy to the email  address  that  the  member  has
provided  the  Webmaster.   It  is  the  responsibility of the member to
provide updated email address to the Secretary and/or Webmaster by email
as listed in the monthly RCWRT newsletter. 

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