Coolchaint, 18 May 1998

Handball Club Review of the year

"And so the end is near, it s time to face the final curtain...."

The month of May, and the exams that go with it, is upon us already. Those of us who set out on the road of running a club - mostly for the first time - last October can hardly believe it. Because of the Intervarsities, which we hosted, we spent the first 3 months wanting time to go as slow as possible and the last 5 months wondering where it s all gone to.

All-in-all it s been one of the most successful years ever for the Handball club. Aswell as hosting the college championships, over the past 12 months members have represented the club, and their counties, throughout the country. Some achievements of note include:

The last three events listed above have one thing in common. Civil Eng. student Pat Custy has played a major part in all of them. This man from Clare, who also plays a mean flute, is without doubt our club player of the year - both for his recent achievements in the game and for his dedication to the cause.

Throw in a first college sports award in 14 years and one would be forgiven for thinking that the Handball club could rest on its laurels and have a break. This will not be allowed to happen, however.

For I have a dream. I have a dream to get this club to its rightful place (as Third Level colleges champions) as competitors in the U. S. collegiates, which take place next February. Just when was the last time a club represented the college on the international scene, especially on the largest collegiate stage of them all? It s simply too big an opportunity to miss.

Forward planning it may be, but it is necessary. For, generous as our grant from the college may be, it is not wholly sufficient. Various ideas and methods of fund raising will have to be employed by one and all. Unfortunately, most of these ideas have yet to be thought up!

The Handball club would welcome any suggestions you have - on the back of a fiver!

John Nolan, 'El Capitan'.