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'A' Team

Gene Kellegher
Should probably be called the "genie", but isn't. The main man in the Galway team returns to the Intervarsities after a break of four years. He's spent most of that time walking about on his hands to build up strength for his comeback. Opponents beware.

David Brennan
Probably the deepest thinker on the team, Dave spends a lot of time in contemplation over what shot to play, even when he's not on court! This fella is so good that he's only had to come to three training sessions during the year. Opponents beware!

Pat Custy
Our own red-head ("No hair, just a red-head!" etc.) hails from Co. Clare. His mission in life is to bring Hurling to the Americans, or so he claims! The big man has been endowed with an enormous pair of hands and uses them to great effect both on court and off, where he can hold people in rapt attention whilst playing his instrument. Opponents beware!!!

Tomas Reilly
To look at him you'd never think he's a Post-graduate student. And he now looks about 10 times neater than he used to! Tomas can feel no pain, and in fact probably plays better with some form of injury. Sometimes commits acts of self-mutilation to improve performance. Opponents should really beware!!

'B' Team

Kevin Carey
The Samson of the N.U.I.G. team. Kevin simply refuses to cut his hair. This could come in useful if he ever gets offered the part of Rapunzel in the West End play, as Kevin is well known for his theatrical outbursts on the court! A very smart player all the same, often confusing opponents by sending the ball into the places they'd least expect. We're pretty sure he does this on purpose!

David Hynes
Incredibly enough, the only member of the team playing in his first Intervarsity. When this fellow connects right, the ball goes Supersonic. Opponents are at quite a dissadvantage when they can't hear the ball hitting the wall! As he posseses a remarkable baby-face, short odds can be had on him being asked for ID at every Pub and club we visit this weekend!

Mickey Corley
In a sense the opposite of David, Mickey is our Mr. Maturity. His actual age is somewhat of a bone of contention within the club - could he be the same M. Corley who played in the 1947 All-Ireland Hardball final, which was abandoned when rain stopped play? As an Engineering Postgrad, Mickey has a say in marking the Captain's course work. A top bloke is our Mickey!

John "hetch" Nolan
To watch hetch in action in a Nightclub, you wouldn't think he was tee-total. Suffers from the fabled "Obelix" complex - he fell into a vat of Alcohol as a child and has been drunk ever since! With his happy and enthusiastic outlook he is the arch-enemy of those suffering from a hangover. A favoured tactic of his is eating a large Curry chips the night before a match to put off opponents. Avoid at all costs on Sunday morning!

The Others

Cormac McCarthy
The tallest player in the club comes from Offaly. Devilishly brilliant with his famous overhead shots, he still has to get to grips with most of the other ones. Still, his Duxie-esque serve can win many matches - for Duxie anyhow! Cormac is the President-elect of the NUIG Students Union so the conversion of the entire student body to Handball looks set to commence.

Catherine Finnegan
Even though she hails from a famous Handballing family, she claims to have never struck a ball in anger. Catherine shows up most Monday nights to watch the male members of the club play! Since she's a commerce student the financial future of the Handball club looks in safe hands.

Phil Evans
Mr. Universe, Phil can actually hit that ball harder than David! Practices his swing at night whilst working as a bouncer in town!

John McDermott
Not much is known about this fella. He would mysteriously turn up at training sessions and vanish just as quickly. Mulder and Scully are on the case.

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