Links to other Handball clubs, and clubs that play Handball-type games.

I was quite surprised when I found discovered how many Handball pages there were in existance. All of those listed below are very good and well worth a visit. If you know of any Handball related pages that aren't listed below then please don't hesitate to email me.

DCU Our friends in the Dublin City University Handball club.
The USHA The United States Handball Association.
Handball in Southern California.
Nova Scotia Handball Association.
ICHA Inner City Handball Association.
SMSU Southwest Missouri State University Handball.
Berkeley University of California.
Colorado Handball Association.
Canadian Handball web page - includes 1997 World Championships.
Minnesota State Handball Association.
Manitoba Handball Association.
Sacramento Area Handball Association.
Purdue University Handball Club.
Texas A&M Univeristy Handball team.
Lake Forest College Handball club.
One-Wall news.
More One-Wall from the USHA.
Fist Ball They play it in Finland.

Here are some sites that have been kind enough to link this page - so I'll return the favour!

G.A.A. Almost everything you could wish for involving Gaelic games!
Ladies Gaelic Football Yes, I do believe in equality!
The Football Championship at Bank of Ireland.

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