Bakers Clay
Submitted by: Garnette

"I think this recipe was originally from the Morton Salt Company. Back in the 1970's everyone was making bread baskets out of this recipe. A lattice was created by crisscrossing strips of bakers clay over an upside down mixing bowl, then baking the whole thing. They looked like baskets made of bread stick dough. With a red & white checked napkin in them, and a bunch of hot dinner rolls, they looked really cute."

"I recently tried making rocks for a mini display, which I later painted and dry brushed. They look so real, you'd think they heavy, but actually they are light as a feather... and perfect for miniature work."


"For rocks or items requiring a rougher texture, use 1 cup regular white flour, and 1 cup whole wheat flour."

* Mix all the ingredients together.

* Knead well, place in a plastic bag, then refrigerate until you're ready to use it.

"If it's sticky, add a little flour."
"I tried this to make miniature bread, rolls, bagels, and they turned out great."

* Bake in a standard, or toaster oven, at 300 F. until you get the desired 'baked bread' color.

"Times will vary with size and thickness of the finished piece. But you want it to be dry all the way through, so for bigger pieces, use an armiture of tin foil. If the piece is large, lower the oven temp to 200 F. and just check it every 15 minutes"

* Spray with a matt acrylic spray. "If you pass on this procedure, you might find that your mini rocks or breads have been food for rodents, one day."

"If you want a shiney finish, a dab of clear nail polish, or gloss acrylic works well."