by: Garnette

Crayola Model Magic®  is a air dry, modeling clay, found in most craft stores. When dry, it feels like a light weight foam. This is a great clay for any miniature bakery item. And it's especially nice because you can slice it after it has dried. The caulking used for frosting is flexible enough to slice also.

What you'll need:

Crayola Model Magic® (white, yellow or brown
1" round clay cutter
Caulking (in a tub)
Acrylic paint (to tint caulking)
Miniature icing bag (you make with a piece of rolled tin for tip and a cloth bag)

Note: Crayola Model Magic® dries out fast, so seal your unused clay in an airtight bag.

On a clean surface; flatten out some clay and cut two 1 inch circles about 1/4 inch thick.

Let them dry.

Mix a little paint (the color of the frosting) into a small amount of caulking (approx. 1 tablespoon).

Using a small pallet knife, frost the top of one circle of clay.

Then place the other circle on top and frost like you would a real cake.

Mix up some contrasting faux frosting, and decorate.

Wash out bag and tip thoroughly when finished.

Let dry, then spray lightly with Krylon® matt sealer.


If you're going to use caulking on a polymer clay cake, bake the poly cake first. (don't bake caulking)

Use an emory board or a piece of fine sand paper, and rough up the surface. This give the caulking something to grab onto.

Frost the cake with caulking, and let dry.

You can slice polymer clay after baking, but do it while it's still warm. Use a sharp Exacto® blade.