by: Marian

"I made the first campfire to go in my Kleenex camping scene. Everyone, on another group I'm in, was trying to figure out how to make a decent campfire. So I got to thinking about the real thing. When you have lots of flame, you have very little smoke. When the flames are low, there's more smoke. One lady tried pulling shreds of red cellophane up to look like flames but it didn't work too well, so I opted for the smouldering fire."

Put a circle of glue on a piece of waxpaper and then crush a bit of aquarium gravel with the pliers.

Sprinkle the dusty bits on first for the ash and then Add a little more glue then a little bit of charcoal (You can buy charcoal for fish tanks and break it up a little).

Stir some coals in a coke cap with a few drops of red paint and then some in yellow paint.

Pile on the red coals.

Then the yellow coals, with the ends of some burnt matchsticks arranged in them.

I used gold metallic paint to touch some of the top coals up but you can also sprinkle a bit of red or gold glitter amongst the coals to get that nice glow.

Then just glue on a bit of cotton ball or the cotton from a pill bottle. When the glue's dry, pull the cotton up into drifts of smoke.

Comes out pretty good.