by: Garnette

If you don't want to go through the process of decal printing, you can always use designs from printed paper napkins:

This is just simple decoupage.
Find some napkins with an image you like.

Peel the two layers apart and save the printed one.

Paint a coat of white glue or Mod PodgeŽ on the plastic plate, then lay a cut out piece of the napkin on it.

Use a stylus or another small tool that isn't sharp, to gently press the paper into any concave pattern the plate might have.

Be careful not to tear the thin tissue paper.

After it begins to set, use an exactoŽ knife and carefully cut the excess paper away from the edge of the plate.

Then apply one or two thin coats of the glue or gloss Mod PodgeŽ.

Let them dry, and you'll then have some beautiful mini china.