by: Carol


fresh cranberries
wreath form
exactoŽ knife (sharp)
floral tape (green or brown)
dried flowers
greenery of any type (correct size for scale)
small piece of thin wire or string

I found all sorts of things to use as wreaths.  The end of a coin wrapper(the rolled kind cut very close to the rolled end - you can buy them by the bag at Wal-Mart).  The small grapevine wreaths (if you can find them) from craft stores. The rings from bottled water or jucies if the size is right. Wire formed into a ring or even string stiffened with glue.

Slice fresh cranberries VERY thin and let dry for about a week on waxed paper. Be careful when taking them off the paper as you will have a lot of teeny tiny brown seeds to use elsewhere.

If using anthing besides the grapevine wrap it in the floral tape.

Glue the tiny slices to the top all the way around the wreath.
Glue the greenery anywhere on it to accent and use the dried flowers the same way.
Form a bow from the ribbon and place it at the top or bottom or where you like it best. The ribbon can also be used to wrap around the wreath once you have all the decorations in place.

Glue a 'hanger' on the back from the wire or string.  These can be made seasonal with the type of decorations added to them.  This same idea can be used with only greenery for a varation.