How to make Faux Papyrus

by: Author Unknown

To make your own faux papyrus:

1. On top of a piece of freezer wrap; slice the outer covering of rubarb from the stalk and lay the strips so they are touching each other.
2. Place another layer of strips at right angles to the first.
3. Cover them with plastic wrap and pound with the smooth side of a meat mallot or regular hammer.
4. Set aside to dry.

"Now you have your own; Papyrus/Rubarb paper. I haven't tried this, I read about it in a magazine called Stampingtons.  I would think greenish rubarb would be better but the article didnt' say."

  "Another receipe for faux papyrus is to put wet coffee grounds in a fresh coffee filter and drag it across your paper vertically so it looks stripy and do that again going horizontaly."