How to Make Little Books!

by: Katie

Way back when... I learned how to make these little books out of a single sheet of paper. I challenged myself to make a "template" in Print Artist... and have created a number of fun little books! You can try this yourself...

Download the graphic at the bottom of this page to your own hard drive - and then print out as big as you can centered on an 8.5 x 11" piece of paper. The borders on each page in this sample will help you with your folding...

Once you have your "Little Book" all folded and together, you may trim off the outside edges if needed!

#1: Fold your page in half along "A", and then in half and half again where the dotted lines are shown. Open page, and re-fold along "B" -- now cut a slit along the red dotted line in the center of the paper. Be sure to stop when you hit the fold line! The numbers represent the page numbers in your "Little Book!"

#2: Now, re-fold in half along the "A" line, pop open the little book where you made the slit, as shown in the this drawing.

#3: Fold your pages over, so that your cover and back pages are on the outside...

#4: See? You did it! Wasn't that easy? Now have fun making more "Little Books" on your own!

Right mouse click on this "test graphic" and save to your own hard drive.

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