[ Note from Garnette; I purchased a Pretty Pleat® to wave my doll hair. But there were no instructions for using it this way, only how to use it to pleat fabric. Michelle was very helpful and explained just how she does it. ]


by; Michelle Geoffrion-Mahler

1. Take a piece of the viscose hair. Start with a 1" diameter hank.  The thing you need to do is make sure that your piece is twice as long as you need the finished style to be (to take up room for the pleats).  The thickness of the hank will also make a difference, but once you try it a few times you will know what to expect.

2. Spread the hank out with your fingers so it is relatively thin from side to side.  But, not so thin that you can see the pleater through it. Then just begin pleating as the "Pretty Pleat®" instructions say.  You can dampen the hair  by adding a drop of "Downy Fabric Softener®" to a squirt bottle filled with water. This will keep the fly-aways down.

3. Steam as you go. If the hair seems to be popping up out of the pleater then you have to much hair.  You will need to spread it out, ie; make it thinner.

4. You will have to experiment to get the hang of it.  Be patient.

5. Make sure it is completely dry and cool before you remove it. I use a corsage pin and remove each row, don't just pull it out. I also hairspray my piece after removing it from the pleater.

Michelle Geoffrion-Mahler - February 5, 2001

The Pretty Pleat® is available in three sizes, and can be purchased on Michelle's web site, Mini Dolls  She carries a full line of doll making supplies, specializing in miniatures.

I can't begin to praise Michelle enough!

First off, I'm very new at doll making. I had searched high and low for beautiful doll blanks, at affordable prices. I was about to give up, when I found her site; Michelle Geoffrion-Mahler's Mini Dolls GO HERE

She does all the porcelain work herself, giving special attention to each piece. It's imporant to Michelle that you're able to start your project with a perfect doll blank.

Also, when I didn't understand something (which was often), she took the time from her busy schedule, to see that I fully understood what to do next.

Michelle Geoffroin Mahler, goes beyond just filling an order, because she really cares about her customers.