by Lisa Lynn

To make tin punch in miniature art form, try using aluminum foil, or a cut out from a pie plate.

Use a stright pin or needle to make your punches. This allows it to be in mini scale, and not look like you reduced the size of the project but not the holes.

Lisa Lynn

Note from Garnette:

I've heard it mentioned that you can use something called "door skin", sheet metal. But I understand that it only comes in 4'X 8' sheets. From the description, it might be the same as the 'tooling metal' that is often sold in craft stores. With 'it' though, you have your choice of; copper, brass and aluminum. They come in small pieces, so they're appropriate for miniature work. They can be cut with a pair of scissors, and according to another crafter, it can be aged with various patinas.
I would think that the edges could be decorated using the leather stamps, sold at places like Tandy Leather®.