Make a Miniature Tree
From Jumper Cables

by: Katherine Furqueron aka: "K"


This tree is about 12 inches high, and has a 12" X 12" base.

1. Start with an old battery jumper cable. Take it apart and strip the wire covering from the copper.

2. Cut two pieces allowing enough length for roots, big limbs and some smaller ones.

3. Bind the trunk, leaving about two inches of wire below to spread for the roots (this also helps it to stand).

4. Wrap it with brown floral tape.

5. Separate the wire into big branches for a short ways, then separate some more, for smaller ones.

6. Continue separating then, braid the branch strands together.

7. Wrap wire branches with the floral tape until they are the size you want.

8. Spray paint the limbs and exposed wire, even the covered trunk, with brown paint.

9. Use Railroad foliage packs (mixed the greens), to create "faux" leaves.


Finished Tree

"My first tree was made 3 years ago when I started in minis. I used it as a centerpiece with a child's birthday party scene.  It even had a pinata hanging from one of the branches."