by: Garnette

What you need:

1/4" filigree bead caps (gold or silver tone)
Bugle beads 1/4" or the longer ones (your choice)
Light weight silk beading thread
Beading needle
Tacky glue
Small jump rings (gold or silver tone)
Small rondel beads ( they are round & flat I like the brass ones) or you can use a small sequin
Seed beads to match your bugle beads

NOTE: You might be tempted to use crazy glue because of the fast 'set up' time.  Please don't do it.  Crazy glue dries 'hard' and will make an abrasive surface which will eventually cut the fine thread.

For the center clapper:

Put a drop or two of tacky glue on a piece of wax paper or a plate.
Thread your needle with a 10" piece of beading thread.
On the end, secure a jump ring by knotting twice.
Cut off the small piece of excess thread, then place a tiny dot of glue onto the knot to secure it.
Run the needle through the center hole of the bead cap.
Using something small, like the head of a pin, place a tiny dot of glue on the inside of the bead cap (where the thread is coming thru.
Thread a seed bead on, pushing it up into the bead cap, and into the glue. This will keep the jump ring hanger tight and secure.
Let dry.
About a 1/2" - 3/4"  down (depending on length of bugle beads used) tie a knot.
Put a small dot of glue on the knot then thread on the flat rondel bead (or sequin).
Place a small dot of glue on the underside of the rondel and thread on a seed bead.
Push it into the dot of glue.
Remove needle, and let this dry.

To attach the beads:

Cut a 10" piece of beading thread.
Make a double knot on one end of the thread. You want the knot to be small enough to fit into the bugle bead, but it shouldn't pull through easily.
Put a drop or two of tacky glue on a piece of wax paper or a plate.
Thread the needle.
Dip the knot into the glue (you only need a little).
Pull the thread until the knot is about halfway through your bugle bead.
Lay it down and let it dry.
If you had too much glue on the knot, there may be some on the out side of the bugle; carefully remove it.
Repeat this process until you have enough for the bead cap you're using (they have tiny holes around the edge... 6 holes means 6 bugles).
When glue is dry; attach the "chimes" by knotting the other end to the bead cap.
Vary the length of thread for each one by just a 1/16th of an inch or less, and add a drop of glue to the knot before cutting any excess thread.

Counter Weight:

Thread your needle to the thread that is hanging down below the clapper.
Add  a small 2mm round bead (you can use a seed bead)... securing it with a knot and dab of glue,  just a 1/4" below the lowest hanging bugle bead.

Remember, that with any mini, glue can be the enemy!  Always use it sparingly.  If you use too much on this project, the chimes might not hang straight.