Thomas Gorham of England, Virginia and Kentucky

1. Thomas Gorham (1626-)
| 1.1 Ralph Gorham Jr. 
| 1.2 John Gorham (1621-1675)
| 1.3 Thomas Gorham Sr. (1735-1814) & Margaret Cotton
| | 1.3.1 Sanford Gorham (1764-1816)
| | 1.3.2 Frances "Franky" Gorham  & George Burnoe 
| | 1.3.3 Mary "Ann" Gorham (1767-)
| | 1.3.4a Thomas Jefferson Gorham* (1768-1833) & Sallie Williams 
| | 1.3.4b Thomas Jefferson Gorham* (1768-1833) & Sara W. "Sallie" Suggs 
| | | 1.3.4b.1 Matha "Patsy" Gorham (1796-1881) & William Fort, Dr. (1793-1881)
| | | | 1.3.4b.1.1 Henry Toulman Fort (1816-1889)
| | | | 1.3.4b.1.2 Martha Emily Fort (1818-1840)
| | | | 1.3.4b.1.3 Amanda C. R. Fort (1820-1888)
| | | | 1.3.4b.1.4 Frances C. Fort (1824-)
| | | | 1.3.4b.1.5 John Thomas Fort (1826-1893)
| | | | 1.3.4b.1.6 Andrew Jackson Fort (1831-1911)
| | | 1.3.4b.2 Thomas Jefferson Gorham III (1805-1853) & Burvilla (Burella) Burton
| | | 1.3.4b.3 Elizabeth Gorham 
| | | 1.3.4b.4 Simeon Gorham 
| | | 1.3.4b.5 Tolman Tucker Robert Baylor Cotton Claybourn Gorham (1805-1838) &
Martha A. F. Vivian 
| | | | 1.3.4b.5.1 Sarah F. Gorham 
| | | 1.3.4b.6 Nancy "Malinda" Gorham (1806-1844) & John Jefferson Lowery, Dr.
| | | 1.3.4b.7 Frances Gorham (1810-) & Robert Dysart (1804-)
| | | | 1.3.4b.7.1 Thomas J. Dysart (1831-1888) & Sarah Jane Allison (1830-1922)
| | | | | 1.3.4b.7.1.1 Anna Dysart (1856-1938) & Pierce Monroe Randal (1852-1921)
| | | 1.3.4b.8 Henry Gorham (1812-)
| | | 1.3.4b.9 Mary Barbara Jane Gorham (1814-1899) & James Stewart Ingram (1802-1878)
| | | | 1.3.4b.9.1 Ingram (1831-1831)
| | | | 1.3.4b.9.2 Mary Frances Ingram (1832-1908) & Alfred Jones Allison (1828-1926)
| | | | | 1.3.4b.9.2.1 Sarah Martha Allison (1851-1926) & Frank Markee Kidd (1841-)
| | | | | 1.3.4b.9.2.2 Mary Jane Allison (1853-1939)
| | | | | 1.3.4b.9.2.3 James T. Allison (1856-1916) & Annie Cochrone (1866-1953)
| | | | | 1.3.4b.9.2.4 Addie Lenora Allison (1867-)
| | | | | 1.3.4b.9.2.5 Edwin B. (Ephraim) Allison (1867-1946)
| | | | | 1.3.4b.9.2.6 Alfred T. Allison (1876-1920) & Fannie K. Hanna (1868-1953)
| | | | 1.3.4b.9.3 Sarah Talma Ingram (1835-1851) & Alfred Joseph Allison 
| | | | 1.3.4b.9.4 Thomas William Ingram (1837-1864)
| | | | 1.3.4b.9.5 Missouri Ann "Zuria" Ingram (1839-1909) & William Fretwell Gaines (1826-1920)
| | | | | 1.3.4b.9.5.1 Gaines (1870-1870)
| | | | | 1.3.4b.9.5.2 Emily Jane "Emma" Gaines (1871-1957) & George "Maurice"
Young (1863-1944)
| | | | | 1.3.4b.9.5.3 Addye Ingram Gaines (1873-1968) & Ernest Vivian Allen (1869-1938)
| | | | | 1.3.4b.9.5.4 Susan "Ella" Gaines (1874-1951) & never married 
| | | | 1.3.4b.9.6 James Robert Ingram (1840-1850)
| | | | 1.3.4b.9.7 Rufus Henry Ingram (1842-1899)
| | | | 1.3.4b.9.8 Martha Jane Ingram (1844-1850)
| | | | 1.3.4b.9.9 Virginia Adeliza Ingram (1847-) & Edwin Boyd 
| | | | | 1.3.4b.9.9.1 Jemma Boyd (1871-)
| | | | 1.3.4b.9.10 James Gorham "Gourie" Ingram (1849-1899)
| | | | 1.3.4b.9.11 Robert "Boyd" Ingram (1851-1899)
| | | | | 1.3.4b.9.11.1 Mollie Ingram (1888-)
| | | | | 1.3.4b.9.11.2 Leta Ingram (1890-)
| | | | 1.3.4b.9.12 Armeda Lowery Ingram (1852-1899) & John Ballard 
| | | | 1.3.4b.9.13 Lavinia Arnett Ingram (1854-1899)
| | 1.3.5 Alexander Gorham (1770-1837)
| | 1.3.6 Elizabeth "Betsy" Gorham (1772-) & Thomas Riggs 
| | 1.3.7 William B. Gorham (1775-1850)
| | 1.3.8 Elick Gorham 
| | 1.3.9 Nancy Gorham (1783-) & Abner Clarke 
| | 1.3.10 Margaret "Peggy" Gorham (1765-) & Thomas Redmon 
| | | Margarette Redmond (1807-1892)
| | | Elizabeth "Patsy Redmond (1801-1848)
| | 1.3.11 Joshua Gorham (1786-1851)
| | 1.3.12 John W. Gorham (1787-1853) & Caroline Derr/Kerr (1797-1877)
| | | David Gorham (1822-) & Martha A. Thompson (1825-)
| | 1.3.13a Susanna "Susey" Gorham* (1788-) & John Boyd 
| | 1.3.13b Susanna "Susey" Gorham* (1788-) & Joshua Gorham 


My Father's Ancesty

"My Father's Ancesty"
by Mary J. B. Gorham Ingram, 1880
My grandfather, Thomas Gorham crossed the ocean from England with two brothers; one of them a lawyer with one arm, the other a farmer. They settled in Virginia, from there they moved to Pennsylvania and lived ther until it was made a free state. An unknown brother sold his slaves and went to Massachusetts (I've heard from many research who believe that this is the John Gorham, who married Desire Howland) and Thomas Gorham went to Louduon Co., Virginia with his slaves. There he met his wife and married her, Miss Frances Cotten. They had 13 children, seven girls and six boys. John was a farmer, who lived near Georgetown, Kentucky. William also a farmer lived in Logan Co. Kentucky. Sanford kept a Hotel in Russelville, Kentucky. He fell through the 2nd. floor of the hotel and was killed. Elick lived in Kentucky. He and his wife and triplets. The story goes.... He walked up and down the porch when one of the attendants came out and told him, "You have a fine daughter". He answered "very well, madam" and continues his walk. She camed out again and said "Mr. Gorham you have an other fine daughter" and again he answered, "very well, madam" and kept on walking and again she came, saying, "Mr. Gorham, you have another fine daughter," he stopped, threw up his hands and exclaimed, "O'Lord have mercy on me and my children." Joshua lived in Kentucky. Thomas crossed the mountains on horseback and settled in Logan Co., Kentucky when the Indians were so bad. He was the first of the family to go to Kentucky where his father and brothers soon followed. He went in partnership with Mr. Dunn in a dry good store and they also entered land in partnership. He soon exchange his goods for land and lived on the farm. He married Miss Sallie Williams who died in a few months and then he married Miss Sara Childs and they had 12 children, six of whom died, Patsy, Thomas, Elizabeth, Simeon, Malinda, Tolman, Frances, Henry, and me, Mary Jane. Patsy married Dr. William Fort and they had seven children. Thomas married Miss Burvilla Burton and had five children. Malinda married Dr. John Lowery and had 12 children. Fannie married Robert Dysart and had 11 children. Tolman married Miss Martha Vivian and had one daughter named Frankie. I married James Samuel Ingram and we had 13 children. the eldest died in infancy. Mary Frances Ingram was born in the year of our Lord 1832 August 6th., was married to Alfred James Allison in 1850, Nov 28th., Sarah Tolman Ingram 1835, Feb. 7th and died Oct. 15, 1851. Thomas William Ingram born 1837, May 20th and was killed at the battle of Lone Jack, Missouri. Ann Ingram was born in 18 July 16th. married William Fretwell Gaines. James Robert Ingram born 1840, June 13th., Rufus Henry Ingram born May 19th, 1842, Martha Jane Ingram born Dec. 11th, 1844 and died Sept 26, 1846; Virginia Adeliza Ingram born March 16, 1847 married Edwin Boyd. James Gorham Ingram born July 17th. 1849; Armid Lowery Ingram born April 3rd. 1852, married John Ballard, Lavinia Arnett Ingram born Oct 14, 1854, Robert Boyd Ingram born Nov. 18, 1851.
Thomas Gorham Sr. cross the line to Borentson Co. Tennessee, where he had two mills built on the Red River, lived there about seven years then moved to Howard Co.,MO in 1820. He came to Missouri in 1___ to land sales and brought a good deal of land. He drove his cattle and horse with him and lived here 13 years. Then moved to Hirses Co. Mississippi and staid ther 3 years then moved to Louisiana where he died in Clairborn Parish. At the land sales on ____ he brought 8020 acres. When he moved in 1820 he brought 35 heads of cattle, 40 heads of horses and between thirty and forty negroes.
Great grandfather on the Ingram, Samuel Ingram was an Englishman and he married a Miss Stewart, a Scotch woman and had a son William and he married Miss Mary Currin and they had four children, Ann, Jemina, James Samuel, Robert P.. Ann married Annaias Davidson; Jemina married Andrew Boyd, Robert P. married Mary B.J. Gorham. James Samuel Ingram was born in 1802, April 4th. and was a son of William and Mary Ingram.
This was added by her granddaughter ... Died Sept. 19th., 1878 was born in Montgomery Co. Virginia. He married Mary B. J. Gorham in 1830, Oct 28th. She was born in Robinson Co. Tennesse, June 24, 1814. (This letter may not be used any where without my permission. M. Thomas)

Mary Jane was born in 1814 and died in 1899.  She wrote this letter to 
her daughter in 1880.  She knew all these people. 
In my research I have found that some of her spelling on Surname were
incorrect, but all the information is correct.

GORHAM FAMILY From Files of Mrs. W. B. Ardery THOMAS GORHAM, probably born in Delaware or one of the New England states, came to Kentucky at an early date from Loudoun County, Virginia, where he had lived at least during a part of the Revolutionary period. His name appears among the Revolutionary Public Claims for Loudoun which are filed at the Virginia State library showing patriots' service record established. According to family tradition his wife was, before marriage, Margaret Cotton, and deeds filed in Bourbon County, Ky., show that her given name was Margaret. (MCS- Margaret is named in the will of her father William Cotton, which is filed in Loudoun County Virginia in 1788) The names of Thomas Gorham and his son, Sanford Gorham, appear as signers of early petitions to the Virginia Assembly sent by Kentucky pioneers (see Petitions as published by the Filson Club). After coming to Kentucky, Thomas Gorham Sr., lived for a time in Bourbon county, where he deeded portions of a tract he had purchased of James Parberry September 1787. This deed is mentioned in a suit filed in Bourbon County and in it Thomas Gorham is mentioned as "of Fayette County," and it was witnessed by Thomas Gorham Jr. (showing his son, Thomas, was at least 21 years of age), and also witnessed by John Gorham. In this same suit (box 403, Thompkins Barlow vs. Geo. Hairston and hrs. of Jas. Parberry dated 1808 but not settled until after the death of Thomas Gorham in the year 1814) we find the heirs were as follows: SANFORD GORHAM, THOMAS GORHAM, ALEXANDER GORHAM, JOHN GORHAM, FRANKY GORHAM, who married George Burnoe, (see here-after). PEGGY GORHAM, who married Thomas Redmon, WILLIAM GORHAM, ANN GORHAM, who married John Beck, BETSY GORHAM, who married Thomas Riggs, NANCY GORHAM, who married Abner Clarke, SUSANNAH GORHAM, who married John boyd and JOSHUA GORHAM. Before the final settlement of this suit in 1817, it is shown by an amended bill that Sanford Gorham had died leaving children and heirs and that George Burnoe had died leaving heirs. In another suit filed in Bourbon County Circuit Court (box 696-Gorham vs. Gorham Hrs., filed Dec. 1, 1826, and settled 1827) we find the children of Sanford Gorham as follows: JOHN GORHAM, GEORGE GORHAM, SANFORD GORHAM, HARVEY T. GORHAM, WILLIAM GORHAM, AARON GORHAM, THOMAS RICHARD GORHAM, THORNTON GORHAM, BETSEY GORHAM, who had married Charles C. Russell, SUSAN GORHAM, who had married Sylvester Bailey, and of these Aaron, Thomas and Thornton were "under 21 years of age" by Thomas Elliot, their guardian. Al and Margaret (Cotton) Spiry < >
Dear Michele

My husband line goes in the Gorham Line of yours. The unknown brother that you said that went to MA. was John Gorham that married Desire Howland which is my husband line. I can give you four generations back if you like. Rulon's cousin had the line proven. I don't have the information but I can give his cousin information to you.

The Ingram line is my line through my mother Rockwell line Thomas Rockwell md Catherine Ingram and her father is James Ingram Jr., his father is James Ingram that married Rhoda Menefee, his father is Samuel Ingram. So I do fit in your family leg down. the one leg that you don't have and be glad to share if you will share the information you have on Samuel. Like his will and other documents that you have on him. Please email me soon as possible.

Thanks RaeDean Stamp at [2002]
Bureau of Land Management Land Patents for AL, AR, FL, IL, IN, LA, MI, MN, MO, OH, WI Here you will find many Land Patents for the Gorham Family. Bureau of Land Management Gorham Beginnings "Gorham's Rangers" Genealogy Aricles and Files Many Gorham information Merla Sears Van Norman Gorham page I found the following in Addye's bible, she is the granddaughter of Mary J.B. Ingram.
Mary Jane Barbara Gorham Ingram "Grandma Ingram", brother had a long name. It was Tolman Tucker Robert Baylor Cotton Claybourn Gorham. His father named him and friends asked why he gave him so many names. He said, he could never be called in Court." Mar. 1959 Will recorded 14-Apr-1838, Randolph,MO Ref: Addition legal Occupation: rcds.kpt Western Hist.Manu Spouse: Martha A. F. Gorham Married: in: State of Missouri County of Randolph () Be it remembered that on this 14th day of April, 1838, before the Dept. Clk. of the County Court of said County in Vacation William Fort and Thomas J. Gorham produced an instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and Testament of Tolman R.B.C. Gorham, decd. Which being proven before me according to law is admitted to record as following to wit: I, Tolman T.T.R.B.C.C. Gorham of the County of Randolph in the State of Missouri, do make and deliver this to be my last will and Testament.
The DAR application that made Thomas Gorham an official DAR patriot, that claimed he was from "Delaware or one of the New England States". The source of that comment has always been a mystery. If you would like to add new data to this family, please email me. If you have your GORHAM line on your homepage, please send me your URL, so I may add your link to my page. I will also add your email address to your descendant, if you would like.

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