Special Operations Truths & Imperatives

PAC - Malaysian Rapid Deployment Force

Special Operations Imperatives

  • Understand the Operational Environment

  • Recognize Political Implications

  • Facilitate Interagency Activities

  • Engage the Threat Discriminately

  • Consider Long-term Effects

  • Ensure Legitimacy and Credibility of Special Operations

  • Anticipate and Control Psychological Effects

  • Apply Capabilities Indirectly

  • Develop Multiple Options

  • Ensure Long-term Sustainment

  • Provide Sufficient lntelligence

  • Balance Security and Synchronization

Special Operations Forces Truths

  • Humans are more important than Hardware

  • Quality is better than Quantity

  • Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced

  • Competent Special 0perations Forces cannot be created after emergencies occur

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