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My Snazzy List of Links

Art By Ginny:

Some of the art work done by Ginny, your host here

Alanta Reef Dwellers Scuba Club:
A great dive site
What ever diver needs
Scuba Central:
Good site with a chat room
Personal Scuba Instruction with Amber Knight:
Your one stop source for diving the island of Oahu.
Underwater Adventure:
Pete Larkin A dive Instructor in Arizona, that will take you where you want to go.
Underwater Photography & Dive Trip Reports:
A Place to get & have U.W. Photos while on your trip...Dive trip info FAST & Easy
Rx Diving Masks:
Diving Masks made just for your own personal Prescription needs.
Help with web pages
Blue Mountain greeting cards:
Greeting cards for the Net
Virtual Flowers :
Send flowers to any one via the net or real ones to a loved one
Hug And Kiss:
Send a kiss or a hug to your sweet heart
Send a Toonogram to a friend
Damsel's home page :
A great friend
David's Whale and Dolphin Watch:
A LOOK at Whales and Dolphins. Some sound, too
Whale pages:
A look at a few whales
Scubaduba's web page:
A diver friend's web page
Dive The Southwest:
A friend's web page for divers in the Southwest
Creatures of the Sea:
A cool site of a friend that loves Dolphins and Whales as much as I do ( )
More Greeting Cards:
More greeting cards for you to send out on the net
Fantasy Realm:
If you enjoy Fantasy You will LOVE this site....I do
Apple Mountain Home:
New friend from Georgia
Georgia's Florida Page:
Lots of cool things about Florida diving, and even more things to do there, too
Odhar's World:
A really great friend that thinks and SPEAKS as if he were an Otter
Andy's page:
Andy is a cool guy and has started up his own web page that yall should not miss out on seeing..
CheezyDoodles Home Page:
A Sweet Girl with a Great Future.
Tre's Place:
A nice guy with a great page, that you will have to see to belive.
Anne's Page :
VELERO....what more can I say..a great page
The Underground Weather :
You can check out the weather in any part of any state you want by just changing the place..
I have mine here in the city and state where I live, BUT you can go any where from here

GA_Girl's Page:
A new friend from Georgia with a REALLY great page, with LOTS of stuff to do in the page and in the state of Georgia.
Atlanta Divers
A dive shop in Atlanta that only carries U.S. Divers gear
About your Hostess

         Hello People........
I am your hostess here. Would you like to know a little bit about me?
I am an artist. If you have a picture or photograph that you would like to have done as an
OIL PAINTING, contact me and we will talk about it.
Art for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.
I am also a Scuba Diver....a great sport..I love the underwater world and all that
it has to show.. And what a show it is! ...try it you may just like it.
**** I must have been a dolphin in another life.****
I am 38 years old, You can see a photo of me in the links pages,in the first link
I live in the GREAT state of Georgia
I love to meet new people, go for long walks on the beach, play with my 2 pets,
a wonderful dog and a very loving cat.
Or just spend quiet time reading or chatting with my friends
(lots of friends, thanks to the internet)
So come on in and visit me here at this site and please visit some of the links here
and say that I sent you ...There are a lot of very interesting people out here in and on
the net, some are linked to this page.
I will always be adding to this page, so make it a point to hit reload after each new trip here.
if you are a book mark person and like to save great web pages...
AS I often DO! Save this one too
If you would like to added to my list of snazzy friend's links...Just e-mail me or
leave me a note in the guest book ...I will be very happy
to add you and your page to mine here.
Thanks for stopping by and please do tell your friends about me and this site.

Ginny Roberts

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