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Glacial Erratics Educational Presentations

The Glacial Erratics specialize in educational presentations, offering five different programs for preschool through middle school aged students. Each is altered in content and length (15-45 minutes) to be developmentally appropriate for the age group being addressed. In addition to original live music, they supply maps, posters and other props to create presentations structured to be interactive and fast paced. It's not uncommon to find students (and teachers!) still humming and singing Glacial Erratics tunes long after they've left the school!

The presentations offered are as follows:

1) Life Up North (assembly or small groups): Answers to all the questions about the coldness, darkness, lightness, igloos, northern lights, big fish, etc.

2) Acoustic Music (assembly or small groups): Listen to different instruments and learn how and why the Glacial Erratics started playing them. Tips on building your own!

3) Alaska Animals (small groups): Get acquainted, in song and story, with the wild animals of the North. Make a stick puppet to keep.

4) Glaciers (small groups): Half of the world's glaciers are in Alaska. Learn about glaciers past, present and future and how these great ice sheets helped shape your own backyard. Take home a "Glacier Expert" card!

5) Native Alaskans and Subsistence Lifestyle (small groups): Who lived in Alaska long ago and are they still there? A look at native groups with concentration on the Yup'ik of southwest Alaska where band member Martha Scott has lived since 1983. The lifestyle is sometimes similar, while different in important ways.