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Welcome to the...
Puff Daddy ate my Balls!
(Yet another cheap rip off of the Mr. T ate my Balls! homepage)

That's right, it's Puff Daddy, America's most famous producer/rap guy/no talent freak, as you've never seen him before!  Right here before your eyes you will see Puff Daddy doing much more than ruining perfectly good songs and making them crap errr rap. You will see him munching on some serious BALL! Puff daddy is in da house and he wants your BALLS!!!

Without further delay, let the carnage begin...

With all his success in hip hop, Puff Daddy still felt something was missing from his life. He would wander the streets at night in search of what he craved the most.
Puffy dreaming of Balls
Hey, I found a Ball
He became obsessed with his urge and it soon became the reason for his very existence. It was only a matter of time before he turned on his friends...
So Delicious!
Home Balls
On a Ball eating rampage, he deBalled a countless number of poor souls in his fiendish ball lair...
The Ball factory
Who's BALLS are next ?
He's got my Balls!

More ball eating action can be found at the "Ate my Balls mega-page!"

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These pictures are probably property of Ball errr Bad Boy entertainment or someone. It doesn't really matter though. Because of the fair use law i'm allowed to use them so there :P

 Warning  Ball eating can be fatal or hazardous to your health and has been known to cause genetic defects in lab animals. Kids, don't try this at home!

If you don't like this page or take offense to it then don't look at it. Simple as that. Please remember that this page is meant as a joke. I don't know Puff Daddy personally. Heck ,he might not even have any balls for all I know.