Floor plan of an English Gothic Cathedral

Cathedrals took the general shape of a cross or crucifix. Buildings of this shape are called ‘cruciform' after the cross that Christ was hung on. Generally, the main entrance into the cathedral is through the west into the nave. The nave is the place of the people, where they may meet, see the church's artwork and attendservices.

Each arm of the cruciform is called a transept. They are separate sections, the north and south transepts.

The chapter-house, here to the north of the north transept, was used for the more formal gatherings of the "chapter", the group of monks that lived in the cathedral and formed its governing body.

Among its other chapels and around the perimeter of the choir, and frequently the nave, every cathedral also had a Lady Chapel, where the Virgin Mary was worshiped. It contained an altar to her and was usually at the eastern-most point of the cathedral.

This is a plan of Gloucester cathedral.

The number 3 on this diagram is the location of Edward II's tomb.

Created by: Amy Johansen