Puny Pulp brat Jarvis Cocker's voluptuous lover opened her heart to the News of the World last night and told how he turned her into his sex goddess, worshipped her cleavage...then dumped her sobbing in a gutter. "I know he looks like a skinny trainspotter," said sultry Sarah Reygate. "And he kept his shirt buttoned up every time we made love. It was drip dry bri-nylon and there was lots of static. But Jarvis has incredible sexual magnetism and I fell for him the moment I saw him. In bed, he satisfied my every need."

Sarah, a make-up artist to the stars, also revealed that Cocker had several bizarre habits. The couple first set eyes on each other last August at the Top of the Pops studio - Sarah, 30, was doing Bjork's make-up and he was riding high on the success of Pulp anthem Common People. They met later that night and kissed briefly, but his touring schedule kept them apart for 3 months until they bumped into each other at an Oasis concert in Earls Court on November 4. Sarah, a striking 5ft 10in brunette, revealed: "I was really embarrassed. I'd ripped my skirt from the knee to the waist getting out of the car. You could see my thighs and bottom. Virtually the first thing I said to him was, `Have you got a safety pin?' He laughed and gave me a badge from the side of his satchel." Later that night, she said, the pair went window shopping down London's Oxford Street, giggling in the bitter winter cold. Sarah recalled: "Jarvis hailed us a cab and I was wearing next to nothing so we cuddled up, using our body heat to get warm. Then I invited him up for coffee..."

The pair lay in front of the fire in her West London flat...Cocker gazing down her cleavage and Sarah staring dreamily into his thick specs. "Then, suddenly, he leaned over and kissed me," she said. "It sent a shiver through my whole body." Her lips still tingling, they went into her boudoir. Sarah closed the red velvet curtains and they climbed under the royal blue bedspread fringed with gold tassles. But the night was not to end in any great fireworks. "I wouldn't take my flimsy little black slip off and he kept all his clothes on!" Sarah said. "Maybe he was embarrassed about his body, but he certainly kept telling me how much he loved mine. He loves curvaceous women. He even writes about big busts in his songs. But I wasn't ready to let him make complete love to me, so we kissed and cuddled and it got very hot under the covers. I know some people will think he's not much to look at, but I really got hot for his tall and gangly look. To me he was a sex god."

Less than a week later, said Sarah, they made love for the first time. "Jarvis had been on tour," she said. "But he called me up late on Friday night and told me to meet him at a club. He led me over to the dance floor, carefully took off his satchel and placed it on the floor. Then we danced around it all night. Afterwards we headed back to my flat. We came in and sat down on the cushions in front of the fire. The flames were flickering and the lights from the Christmas tree cast a warm glow over us. Then the song Move Closer by Phyllis Nelson came on the radio. I was really surprised when Jarvis said it was one of his favorite songs. We had a slow dance, then he pulled me down to my knees and started kissing me. He was the dominant one. We made love on the cushions in front of the fire. It seemed to go on for hours."

The whirlwind romance blossomed over the next month despite Pulp's hectic schedule. Smitten Cocker, 32, had struggled for 16 years to make the big time, but still phoned Sarah twice a day, no matter where he was on tour. But it was his madcap sense of fun which bowled Sarah over. On December 3rd, she remembers, he sparked sneers from trendy backstage guests at a Blur concert by kneeling down and sensually tracing a line of kisses up her leg. "We were daring each other to do silly things and he lost," she said. "I just stood there while his lips worked their way up to my thighs. I was wearing this little flimsy dress and when he reached the hemline he had to hoist it up to reach the top. It was very sensual. We went back to my flat and made love again. But what I like most about Jarvis is the way you can talk to him. He's so funny and intelligent. He spent one night telling me about the solar system and planetary order - I was even taking notes so I'd remember it all. Another time he told me he refused to do exercises when he was young because he believed by the time he grew up we'd all have jetpacks and we wouldn't have to walk around."

But, in the words of Pulp's current hit single, Something Changed in the run-up to Christmas. Sarah said: "I'd heard a rumor about another girlfriend. But I was so much in love with Jarvis I didn't want to think about it." The chance of Pulp friction was seemingly dispelled when, 5 days before Christmas, Jarvis invited her to see him play live. She said: "I was treated like royalty. The bouncers were ushering people out of the way, shouting, `It's Jarvis's girlfriend, let her through' There were hundreds of girls screaming for him. I was thinking, `Why me?'"

But days later, love- rat Cocker delivered a bolt from the blue, telling Sarah: "I've got a girlfriend and she's coming home in 4 days for Christmas." The singer's childhood sweetheart, a drug counselor, also called Sarah, had been working in America. His stunned lover said: "It was the most devastating thing he could have said. I was crying, `I don't want to know'. But all he could say was, `I'm really confused. I've got to sort my life out.' My world had been torn apart and all he could do was think about himself. We started cuddling and he was whispering `Don't cry. Please don't cry'."

But at a Pulp gig the following night, Sarah found herself frozen out by Cocker and his entourage. She said: "They wouldn't even let me into his dressing room. Then I found out that his mum and sister had come to see him. I think that was why he didn't want me near there `Hello Mum - meet my mistress'.

On Christmas Eve - the day his girlfriend was due home - two-timing Cocker sent Sarah a cuddly toy cat before going off to spend time with his family. Sarah said: "Jarvis kept calling me in the New Year. I was ecstatic, it gave me hope we could salvage something. But he was just stringing me along, making things worse. He didn't want me as a mistress, but he said he wanted me in his life. I kept giving him the opportunity to put me out of my misery and end it but he never had the courage."

The closest he came was the night of the NME Brat Awards on January 18. The pair had gone to a Soho drinking den from the bash. Sarah said: "We left together. Jarvis peeked around the front of the door to make sure there were no paparazzi hanging about. But when we actually walked out all hell broke loose. Photographers seemed to come from all directions. I was knocked to the ground after Jarvis's mate tried to shield my face. But Jarvis did nothing to help me. He casually walked off down the street and left me there sobbing in the street. He didn't even call to ask how I was until a week later. And even then he didn't say sorry. He's really gutless, really wimpish. I've never met a more unchivalrous man." But just when Sarah believed it was all over, Cocker sent her a romantic Valentine's Day card. Then came the outrageous singer's storming of the stage during Michael Jackson's long awaited Brit Awards set. "I'll never forget the Brits as long as I live" Sarah said, smiling faintly. "Jarvis was trapped in a dressing room for 2 hours with Jackson's lawyers. When he came out he was surrounded by police, but he looked really cool and defiant. I realised then I still loved him. Jarvis once told me I was his fantasy figure and he could never imagine me doing mundane things like cooking or housework, which was what he said he wanted in a woman. The truth is if he'd hung around he would have realised that I could have been all things to him."