Three Young Guests...Four Square Picts

at Opa and Oma's House, weekend of May 1-2, 1999

Lexa sleeps on her stomach
and sucks her thumb

Lexa sleeps on her back
with arms spread wide

Kylee can feed Lexa, too!

expert consultation on babies

between Mercia and Kylee

ready for morning tea

Paul and Kylee are watching
"Three Ninjas" in the bedroom
and making faces, of course...

some very very ....
sharing the hammock
see Paul's shoes!

..incomplete shots; sorry
showing off Kid's Talk T-shirt
guess who?HINT: see shoes

here Paul and Kylee are getting ready
for a strawbale ride

they also made a bonfire
and were taken home by Erika around 09:00
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