To the Lake Redman Model Regatta

with DAD and OPA, August 15, 1999

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regatta990815d.jpg regatta990815f.jpg regatta990815l.jpg regatta990815y.jpg
regatta_BobEvans-990815a.jpg regattafirstsubHolland990815k.jpg regattaGPGPBStrespassing990815o.jpg regattaGPSPBS990815a.jpg
regattaGPSPBS990815h.jpg regattaGPSPBS990815u.jpg regattaGPSPBSpickseats990815s.jpg regattaiceberg990815w.jpg
regattaPBS990815ad.jpg regattaPBS990815r.jpg regattaPBStakespictGPSbutt990815zc.jpg regattatakepictshaha990815z.jpg

BLO fecit 19990815

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