this was on May 1, 1999....
and when OPA got up, he saw the fool mun, I mean: full moon through the trees

It was so cold and early I refused to get out of the car!
But then this nice man, Tom Grassel
let us into the Conestoga Museum

which is an old log cabin
with all kinds of interesting exhibits
From behind the windows,
we could watch them inflate
the hot air balloons, and I
recognized the Millersville Marauder!
I took this picture of OPA:

and then the Millersville balloon
was the first to go up into the air ...!

and after the other balloons were up in the air we walked to the Conestoga Restaurant for a big breakfast. This was a fine morning and I have never been at my school so early!
BLO fecit 19990502.....

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