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Welcome to the Malaysian Oil Science and Technology - A Publication of MOSTA
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Workshop Questions&Answers: To be updated now & then
Contact MOSTA for Workshop Notes : Satellite Conference Workshop 2010: details available for Questions&Answers

Proceedings published: Selected OFIC 2006/2004 Conferences, SFRR Workshop, Selected OFIC2002 & OFIC2000 conferences
Contact MOSTA for Publications: OFIC Conferences 2006 & 2004, OFIC2002, OFIC2000, Workshop Notes/Proceedings, All Others in MOST 2007-2009 Publications

Articles Invited: MOST Next Issues will highlight: Strategic Directions to Sustainable Oils and Fats Production, Crop Improvements, Productivity Improvements, Latest in Nutrition Foods, Obesity, Nutritional Quality of Sans-Trans Oils, Best Available Estate Practices, New Advances in Processing Methods, Fractionation, GAP, GMP, HACCP, Marketing Structured Fat Products, Specialty Fats, Oleochemicals, Marketing, Environment, Life cycle analyses, Renewable energy, Biofuels, Biomass

Published: Price Forecasts, Crop Improvement, Nutrition - Postprandial lipid studies, Glucose & Insulin, Inflammation, Cholesterol and Beyond, alpha-Linolenic Acid, CLA, DAG oil, Palmolein is better than olive oil, Canola, Price Outlook, Second Generation Biofuels, Biomass
Plantations, Better oil palm varieties, Soybean varieties
Palm Oil Price Behaviour, Oleochemicals, Cosmetics, Cholesterol Update 2001
cis-trans Carotenoids, Oils and Fats Business, New GMO Oil Crops, Labeling Standards, Surfactant Market, Biodiesel, Diacylglycerols.
Food Regulations, HACCP, GMP, Safety and Development in Processing Technology, Standards, Adulteration, Contaminants, GMOs
FLAVOURS & AROMAS, ESSENTIAL OILS: essential oils, flavouring chemicals, lipid flavours, pepper oil, essences/flavours in bodycare products, mds synthetics

ANNOUNCING "OFIC 2010 Oils and Fats Congress, 20-22 Oct 2010, Kuala Lumpur" "MOSTA Workshops - Fats and Foods; Best Practices; Chemical Analysis; Chemistry and Technology" 2010
Call for Participation in various areas; Contact Secretatiat of MOSTA
ANNOUNCING MOSTA Workshop - Chemistry, Technolgy, Extraction &Processing, 2010
Previous MOSTA Workshop - Carbon Credits for the Palm Oil Industry, 2009, Kuala Lumpur
Several "Half-Day Symposia on Best Practices for the Oils and Fats Industry"

Available "Half-Day Talks and Symposia on Best Practices for Plantations; Updates for the Oils and Fats Industry"
: various dates, details available Contact
Mail MOSTA Secretariat

ANNOUNCING : 18-19 Oct 2010 - A Satellite Workshop "Oils and Fats - Analysis, Chemistry, Technology, Industrial Applications, Biofuels, Biomass, Food & Nutrition" by Professors/Drs F Gunstone, C Akoh, PT Gee & Others



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