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Kenwood TS-440S


The Kenwood 440S is a very nice radio for almost any application. It works excellent for base use with a 20 amp power supply, or it will also install mobile with a little space. The features and appearance of the rig well match it's performance on the 160-10 meter amateur bands! Some of the 440's features include:

I also own and frequently use my Kenwood 440S/at. I have been complimented many times on the audio quality of the rig using the processor and the standard hand mic. With the rigs accurate tuning steps and dual vfo's, tuning to a desired frequency is made much easier. The standard hand mic also has the up/dwn buttons which makes switching frequencies while mobile much easier.

I mainly like to use my 440 on 10 meters. I really like to pull out those weak signals from S. America and Europe. I like to go under the theory, "If you can hear 'em, you can work 'em" It seems that even the signals that are S-3 can be worked with the same S signal on the other end. I use a G5-RV dipole up 31 feet, and an Astron RS- 35M for a power supply. The rig draws about 17 amps on voice peaks on SSB, and about 20-21 amps on CW. The built in cooling fan provides extended use and reliability under strenuous use such as Field Day, Contesting, Special Events etc.

The rig itself is an older model, but very affordable compared to new rigs today. The 440's usually run anywhere from $600-$850 plus or minus optional features such as the tone unit, Auto tuner etc. The 440 is solid state and will match or beat the performance of any rig of its time. I would highly recommend this radio to anyone, especially those beginning in the hobby. It is very user friendly and will perform well under any condition!

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