Abbreviated Ham Terms

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These meanings are from my experiance and may very from person to person.

VHF- Very High Frequency any where from 50 mhz to around 200 mhz. Usually used for local or short range use.

UHF- Ultra High Frequency from 440 mhz on up.

HF- High Frequency from 30 mhz to 1.8 mhz. The HF bands are mainly used for long range communications.

R.A.C.E.S- Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service, designed to provide emergency communications in a disaster area or sever weather conditions.

ARRL- American Radio Relay League, a large Ham radio club that provides many services such as a subscription to their QST magazine as well as the QSL burro and more with a membership.

A.R.E.S- Amateur Radio Emergency Service, similar to RACES.

CW- Continuous Wave, aka Morse Code. CW is used by sending a series of long and short sounds to make words and sentences.

USB- Upper Side Band, used mainly on HF communications from 30 mhz 7 mhz.

LSB- Lower Side Band, used on the 75 and 160 meter HF bands. (or all mode rigs)

FM- Frequency Modulation, usually found on the vhf and uhf bands, or working repeaters.

PROC.- Processor, used to add punch to your voice in tx mode.

SWR- Standing Wave Ratio, used to judge the match from the antenna to radio. (should be as low as possible. ex. 1.1-1.5)

PTT- Push To Talk- A bar on the side of the microphone to transmit a signal.

VOX- Voice Operated Transmit- Speaking into the mic in VOX mode will key the radio automatically without pressing the ptt button.

AT- Automatic Tuner, usually found on HF radios to automatically tune your multiband antenna with the push of a button.

If you have any terms you would like to add to my list, e-mail them to me and I'll get them up shortly!
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