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This site was created because I got tired of always surfing the web for cool sites for my family and running into dead ends.  Also this way I can keep it safe for my kids.  I will continually add new web sites so that my children can come to my website and surf safely.

DISCLAIMER:  I cannot always guarentee the quality of the sites links.  However, I will do my best to check them often.  If you find any that is not suitable to young viewers, please notify me immeditely.  And they will be removed!

Bookmark Now Before You Forget!! You will definitely want to come back!!! Also when you come back hit reload on your browser. I am finding as I do revisions they do not automatically reload. I have completely changed my Homeschool website and if you do not hit reload you will not be able to see the new website.

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I survived an abortion but my child didn't

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Wings chatroom

Wings Chat Room

A place where christians can come and take refuge!!! Come lift up one another here!!!

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