such a pretty picture.. sigh.. September 16, 2001
I am a lazy, lazy webmistress. *hangs head in shame* I joined this wonderful club ages ago and never got off my duff and put the link or the information up here. Shame on me! SHAME! Now I rectify this mistake. *nod*
July 19, 2001
For anyone who's been stumbling around the site and watched it change, you know that for the last few days I've been revamping everything so it's not so dark and spooky. Yay! Anyway, nothing wonderful has been added, but David did find this which is fairly interesting. New content coming, links to be updated, slowly. My least favorite part... Actually weeding through the dead links. ;_;
July 17, 2001
Happy belated birthday to me. Anyway, Mama is back to being updated. As you can tell, since our loverly index has turned out to be so pretty, if I must say so myself. ^^ La... Finally got off my arse and added new linking buttons made for me by Lauren! *cuddles her* They are much spiffier than anything I created. Use them! More updates to come.
November 17th, 2000
It only took four months to change this darned site. ^^;; Um, anyway. Updated the oh so pretty main page. Will be updating the Awards section momentarily. More tweaks to come. Promise.
July 8th, 2000
Added the Photo Album... need sleep. and presents. ^^
July 3rd, 2000
Updated the main page for the first time [well, with a new pic and shtuff] as well as updating the galleries. The Misc gallery has new pics. Go see!
April 23rd, 2000
Site under renovation. Why did no one tell me the third gallery was dead? Anyway, fixing little things this weekend, so if you find things changing on you, tada. You're on at the same time as me. ^^
Valentine's Day, 2000
Wowie... Just in time for Valentine's Day, Mama goes under the knife and comes out changed! No, not plastic surgery.. geez. This is the update page. Like it? Good. Don't expect it to change too terribly much until I finish my renovations over at LOV. BUT, Mama did win her very first award from u&, and I'm so proud! Go see. Sign the g-book. Love Mama like I do. *cuddles*