two hearts beating as one
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Twin Hearts
maybe not exactly twin like, but really close   Aino Minako and Tsukino Usagi are often compared to one another and it's hard not to do so. Both are bubbly blondes with sweet personalities and a smile for everyone. ^^ Minako is the one with the pretty red bow and Usagi has the beautiful odango that make her so easy to find in a crowd [unless you're a villian...], but behind the smiles they both wear lies a sadness that neither choses to dwell on. Perhaps it is this similarity that unites the two blondes, or perhaps it's just the fact that Minako and Usagi were both originally created to be the star, and consequently, both ended up resembling one another.
  Usagi herself is the sweetest and most understanding character in BSSM. Her heart is bigger than most and she readily loves anyone who comes across her path, even her enemies. It is this indiscriminant love for her fellow man [or woman...] that usually saves the day where force and power fail. Usagi always wears her heart on her sleeve and while this causes her pain [telephone booth anyone?], it also endears her to nearly everyone she meets. Even her enemies have a hard time hating this sweet, cheerful girl. Usagi is also the character with the most development, as she evolves from a whiny school girl to a mature and capable young woman.
  Minako on the other hand also has a large heart, and is often seen laughing or making jokes [sometimes she's the butt of the joke, but I digress] and whether it's manga or anime, the two girls are frighteningly similar. However, while Usagi can find it in her heart to forgive even those who have caused her the greatest heartache, Minako has a colder edge. She believes in her Princess, but does not nessisarily always believe in everything her Princess does. Minako doesn't seem to have the same open heartedness that Usagi does, and subsequently she isn't as ready to forgive and forget. This probably stems from the fact that it's Minako's *job* to protect Usagi so she has to look further than herself to see what could possibly end up hurting her sweet Princess.

yay! they can get detention together!

  Together Minako and Usagi have embarked on some of the more memorable scenes in BSSM history. Who could possibly forget their stalking of Haruka and how often they parroted one another [but, it was Usagi who parroted Minako ^_~] when demanding answers from poor Haruka? Or Minako's willingness to save her Princess when Beryl attacked? [whoo, manga funness] Let's not forget that oh so sweet hug after the Senshi were returned to Usagi after the defeat of Galaxia [Oooooh!] Usagi and Minako have tons of cute little moments where they are mirror images of one another... Sometimes it's fun to have a friend that knows you that well. And let's not forget, they both know how hard it is to be friends with Rei. ^^;;
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