Awards YOU can win!

The original Hermes Hot Award

The Hermes Real Cool Award

The Hermes Merlin Magic Award

For all around excellence - the Diamond Site Award is a little harder to obtain

The Flick Award - specifically for Animal Pages


After all the work put into this page and knowing that others spend as much time and effort, I have decided to give out my own awards.

Do you think your page has got what it takes? Email me with your details;
1. Your URL
2. Your Email
3. A brief description of your site.
4. Which award you are applying for, and why.

All I ask is that you sign my guestbook - it also helps me find your page that little bit faster.

I will take a look at your page and let you know!!

Needless to say, if your site contains pornography, racism, animal cruelty or any other sicko stuff, you may as well leave now!

Award Submission

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