These are some of the pictures that I have taken from other pages to put in our 'archive' and updated every few months

Jeannette & Abi with Heidi & Flick

Jeannette with Kapp Flick & Java Sept 1999

Hermes Joachim (owned by Geoff Hapuku) - July 1999

CH Hermes Jupiter(owned by June Hendry) - 1999

CH Hermes Jet Rain(owned by Phillip Bell) - 1999

Hermes Getoff McLeod learns the finer art of hairdressing!

Hermes Gunmetal (Gunner) shows he is quite happy with new Daddy John

Hermes Gracewing Zara & Hermes Getoff McLoud in 6 week head shots

CH Java Golightly (AI)
Java in a quiet contemplative mood...YEAH RIGHT!

This is where it all started...with our foundation bitch CH Penmouth Heidi

We like the felines too!

Sadly Little Louie Psych-Cat is no longer with us, but is shown here having a cuddle with Flick at home.