Rescued Munsterlanders

Thankfully, in New Zealand, we are not overwhelmed with the need to re-home or rescue Munsterlanders.

What seems to occur however, is that whenever we have a litter on the ground, we have a telephone call from either an owner, the SPCA, or a pound wanting a home for a Munster that has fallen on hard times.

Mickey's Story

The first rescue we were involved with was probably the hardest - a dog from the first litter we ever bred was the victim of a marriage break-up. Both partners desparately loved the dog, however, going from a 20 acre farm to rental accommodation was not an option, and for some unknown, godawful reason, Fleet Admiral of Hermes (Mickey) was left tied to a fence for at least 5 days without food, water or shelter, before a passing motorist realised the dog had been there the weekend before. Why neither partner of the failed marriage contacted us is beyound comprehension, but we were fortunate to be contacted by the SPCA immediately and were able to bring him home back to Hermes.

We have subsequently rehomed Mickey to a gentleman who works nights - therefore Mickey is hunted all throughout the day - rail, hail or sun. Mickey has certainly benefitted from the extra work and company and I am presently hunting around for a decent photo to link up of this marvellous dog.

Lass's Story

In 1996 my bitch, CH Flique Flaque of Hermes ADX, had her first litter - and what a litter it was - 13!!.

In the midst of trying to find good, kind homes, we had a frantic phone call from a breeder, through ill-health had ceased to breed. A bitch he had bred some years earlier was in desparate need of a home. Hunted daily, she was an absolute joy, however unfortunately, her handler had been stricken with cancer and had been admitted to hospital for the final time. We duly got in touch with the gentleman's wife who was gutted to hand over her husband's dog, but understood what was best for the dog. This was a very hard placement, as the bitch was a little older. By some sort of miracle, we were contacted by people who had Munsters in England, and were keen for another. However, due to business and travel committments, they weren't keen on a puppy - that was out of the question - but they would love an adult! HEY PRESTO - Lass now lives on 7 acres just outside Auckland and is spoilt rotten!

This is a brand new page - so please be patient until I get the pictures up and running.