A few points that might help you in filling up the Domain Registration Template for registering a domain in India. We hope this information will be of help to you in filling up the Template and also help have the processing done at the earliest.

1) The name of the Domain that you ask for must be one that is generally derived from the name of the company.

2) The organisation asking for the Domain must have its office in India.

3) The name of the Administrative contact must be one from the office applying for domain, located in India.


a) If you have an IP network that is going to be attributed to the domain name, this IP network must be physically present in India. IP network will not mean just a Local Area Network (LAN). But, atleast one of the hosts in the LAN should have a valid, registered IP address taken either directly from InterNIC, APNIC, VSNL or any other Service Provider.

b) If its only, services that you are taking from the service provider, like having your web pages posted on your service providers systems, then the IP network of the service provider must be in India.


5)Please note that you should sent the requisition form through the service provider from whom you are taking services and NOT send the form to the Domain Registration Service directly.

If you feel that points (1), (2) (3) and (5) are bound to and one of the subpoints 4(a) or 4(b) is valid in your case, the domain name will be allocated to you.

As of now, Domain Name Registration is done Free of Cost in India.

If you’ve have any questions in this regard please direct your queries to the Indian Domain registration Service,



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