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The Simpsons

Barney: "We want Chilly Willy!"

Bart: "Oh Rasberries"

Mr. Burns: "May I Help You?!"

Homer: "Donuts! Is there anything they can't do?"

Homer: "Ooh! There's something you don't see in a toilet everyday!"

Homer: "Stupid T.V., be more funny!"

Homer: Meow Song

Homer: "They're dogs, and they're playing poker...!"

Maggie: "This is indeed a disturbing universe!"

Ralph: "I bent my wookie!"

Song: "You Don't Win Friends with Salad"

Troy McClure: Hardcore Nudity

Cartoon Sounds

"Ahh, Er Uhh..!"

"Ahooga (car horn)"

Baby noise

"Beee Ohhh!"

Big Crash


"Bongo Whiz-Bang"


Crazy Laugh

"Doh Dee Doo" Song

"Duh, Doy-Doyeee!"

"Eeeh, Eeeh Ah Eeeh" Song

Eerie Sound

Glass Break

Head Shake

"Jetsons" chime

Rim Shot



Slide Whistle


Looney Toons

Bugs Bunny: Little Slice of Heaven

Daffy Duck: "Thanks for the sour persimmons!"

Marvin the Martian: "Drat these Computers..."

Marvin the Martian: "Where's the Kaboom?..."

Krazy Guy: "How Do You Do?"

Dr. Seuss

"The fix-it up chappy!"

"100% Guaranteed"

"Thank Yew!"

"I'll stay here not budging, I can and I will..."

"I would not eat green eggs and ham...!"

Buzz Lightyear

"Toy Commercial"

"Falling with Style!"

"...You Have my Pity!"

The Tick

"It's starting to smell a little like Danger...!"

"Don't count your weasels..."

plus: A Tigger Laff

Space Ghost

Space Ghost: "What the * is going on?"

Space Ghost: "That's my Party Cake!"

Zorak: "Look Out, Giant Squid!"

Zorak: "Welcome to our nightmare, Alice!"

Zorak: Speaking in Tongues, I

Zorak: Speaking in Tongues, II

Zorak: "Heigh-Ohh!"

Zorak: "Freaky"

Zorak: "I hate you!"

Zorak: "Stop it!"

Zorak: "Bite Me!"

Zorak: "Oh, I'm Sorry"

Zorak: "Shine on, you crazy diamond!"

Zorak: "Whip it Good!"

Zorak Laugh

Space Ghost and Zorak: "Toilet Seat"

Space Ghost and Zorak: "Men in White Coats"

Space Ghost and Zorak: "Women"

Monty Python

"We interrupt this program to annoy you..."

"Find the Fish"

Supreme Executive Power

"There are some who call me...Tim"

The Flintstones

Barney Hiccups

Barney Laugh

Fred: Bonk! "Yeouch!"

Fred: "Hey Wilma!"

Woody Woodpecker

"Guess Who!"




"Elvis has left the building!"

"That's a Spicy Meatball!"

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