Into The Shadows
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Into The Shadows is a free Horror/Adventure RPG created using the D6 Role-Playing System from West End Games. This is a complete system. All you need is dice, friends, and munchies to have a night of great gaming. The game has not required updates for some time, but is still played all over the world! Rules updated to PDF format 11/05/2001.
The Book Of Shadows is the copious GM book with details on poison, player-character monsters, demons, angels, aliens, cults, ghosts, and lots more. Please mail your comments and suggestions to ASAP!
Into The Shadows Rules - Updated 01/01/2000
Rulebook 2.000 (Acrobat PDF Format)
GM's Guide/Sourcebook - Updated 01/01/2000
The Book Of Shadows 2.000 (Acrobat PDF Format)
If Tripod can't find the file, email me the file name and I'll send it to you. You can also try LEFT-clicking with your mouse, as right-clicks don't always work right on Tripod.

Crossovers - Updated 08/07/2003
The Blob by Jeremy Fielder
Delta Green by J. Andrew Kitkowski
Godzilla by Jeremy Fielder
Hooligan Crotch-Gun by me
Quad-Barreled Shotgun by me
Martian (War of the Worlds) by Ben Perkins
Fox Mulder / Dana Scully by Jim Varian
Various new shadows by Bastien Pilon

Characters - Updated 06/17/2002
ITS Character Sheet (Adobe) by Greg Ziegler
ITS Character Sheet (Adobe) by Darron Kerr
Det. Nick Spenser by Jim Varian

Adventures - Updated 11/06/2001
1938 WOTW 60th Anniversary by Ben Perkins
No Trespassing by me
Damned Mosquitoes by me
Rock and Roll Will Never Die by me
Dust to Dust by me
Weed Eater by me
Black Water by me
Last Drink by me
Tree Hugger by me
Malicious Logic by me
Big Ears by me

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Screen Savers - Updated 06/30/01
Comic Book
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Links - Updated 06/30/01
Links Into Other RPG Sites
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