General Information

Contact Persons

Bharath Odhrani
President, ISA
Ph: (978) 459 3248 (R).

Arvind Krishnaswami
Secretary, ISA
130 7th Avenue
Lowell, MA 01854
Ph: (978) 454 1434(R)
Ph: (978) 287 9237(O)

Vijay Raman
Treasurer, ISA
130 Seventh Ave,
Lowell, MA 01854
Ph: (978) 454 1434(R)
Ph: (978) 614 6034(O)

US ET is 10.5 hrs behind IST from October to March & 9.5 hours otherwise
We are available at residence only between 10PM and 8AM US ET (Monday thru Friday)
You can always leave any messages on the Answering Machine (Don't forget to leave your name, purpose)

Last updated on Feb 4th 2001