List of Things

The following is the list of things that should be brought
to make your living comfortable and inexpensive

Category Quantity
T-shirts Good quality, preshrunk cotton (atleast 10)
Trousers Formal : Woolen (2), Cotton (2), Get conventional colors. 
Jeans Good to have atleast 4
Shorts/Bermudas 3·4
Sweaters Good quality, thick woolen sweaters (2 long sleeves, 2 sleeveless)
Jackets One good quality, thick all - weather jacket. Get 1 waterproof, thin wind-cheater for summer or fall rains. 
(Special waterproof snow jackets required, available in US, reasonably priced.)
Suit One good suit with ties. An extra blazer would prove good in presentations and job interviews, but could wait. Get conventional colors
Shoes Sports (l), Formal Black (l), and all -weather casuals - "Woodland" type (l). Get a pair of good quality slippers (for home use), and a pair of chappals for traditional gatherings
Undergarments Atleast 14 pairs. You will also require thermal underwear during peak winter.
The idea is to have enough clothing to last for 14 days without having to wash them
Miscellaneous Clothes Muffler, Head and/or face cap (woolen), hand gloves, etc. You may look funny but they are more than welcome on harsh winter days
Get a couple of nightdresses of your personal choice
A pair of traditional wear for some Indian functions & gatherings held during the year
Please do not buy your snow coat in India. A leather jacket would not work out for the snow here
Get 2 bed sheets (1 or 2 thin blankets). Some winter blankets would have to be bought here
Cookware Pressure cooker, with extra valves & rings (l), Deep utensils (2), few spoons and dishes
Toiletries Toothbrush (2), Tongue-cleaners (2), Shaving kit (l), Bar soap (2). Shampoo (l), Hair Brush/combs (l or 2). Hair oil (if required for you)
Medicines A stock of basic medical requirement plus some special ones that you have been using administered by your physician. (Consult your doctor for all the basic medicines, antibiotics, etc that you may require & get your prescriptions). Please be generous because the prices are 10 to 100 times higher here inspite of the health insurance coverage. Get the physicians prescription along with the medicine that you will bring
Foods Only non-perishable snacks, sweets, spice to suit your tastes & cooking needs, tea, etc.
Music Cassettes/CDs (Indian). They cost twice as much here. 
Books & Stationery Do bring books that you reel will be useful for your studies here most of the time. Please write to us before buying any course books, which you are not sure of. Bring a scientific calculator. Do not bring any drafting instruments, resources are available in the school. Bring a college bag (would help).

Last Updated on Feb 4th 2001