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This page is dedicated to my brother Wilfredo with whom I played the game many times in our childhood...



Ocho Locos

This is a variation of the Crazy Eights game the way it's played in Puerto Rico, where the object is to win the best out of 8 games, in an Ocho Locos match. In case of a 4-4 tie, a tie breaker is played. Ocho Locos uses a standard 52 card pack, with 1 or 2 optional Jokers. Suits in Spanish are "espadas, corazones, trebol , diamantes" (for spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds).

Players: Two or three play each by themselves. Four, two against two as partners, facing each other.

The Deal: In the first game of the 8-game match, dealer gives each player eight cards, one at a time in order to his right (counter-clockwise), instead of to the left as in most other games (most games in Puerto Rico are played counter-clockwise due to our Spanish origins, from where card games are played to the right). In the second game he deals seven cards to each player, in the third game six cards and so on dealing one card less per game until the eighth game where he only deals one card per player. In case of a tie breaker, he also deals one card per player. First dealer is chosen at random, then the player to his right deals the next game and so on. In each game dealer also deals a face up card into the discard pile. If this card is an eight, dealer must nominate ("la cambio a ...") the suit which must be played first (without looking at his hand).

The Play: Starting with the player to dealer's right, and continuing counter-clockwise, each player in turn must either play a legal card face up on top of the discard pile, or draw a card from the undealt stock.

The following plays are legal:


Drawing Cards:




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