Includes sightseeing of Bethlehem Chapel (was erected in 1391 for the exclusive purpose of preaching the Czech language)

The Naprstek Museum

Is the unique of its kind in the Czech republic having collected for one hundred years items and samples illustrating European cultures.

The Clam – Gallas Palace

Is a supreme example of palace architecture and one of the most significant achievements of Prague baroque. You will see the giants bent double under the weight of its balconies from far off so you can’t miss it. Those statues as well as the interior sculptural decoration are the work by the foremost Czech baroque sculptor Matyas Bernard Braun.

The Clementinum

Is the most extensive complex of buildings after Prague Castle. It stands where originally had been 32 houses, 7 courtyards, 3 churches, 2 streets, 2 gardens, and one monastery.

The Jesuits who came to Prague in 1556 built the whole area.

The Rudolfinum

Was named after art- lover Emperor Rudolph II nd and it is the most beautiful neo – Renaissance building in the city after the National Theatre.

Runs daily.

Lasts 2 hours.