Fantastic cat, and I am chatting with my mates. Computer cat, I chat the world using e-mail. Hoo hoo, I'm a fantastic chat”
First of all, If you don't have Microsoft Chat, go get it! You can find it at I think.. Just type Microsoft chat. To download these you have to RIGHT CLICK and go to SAVE TARGET AS.. and make sure you save it under "ALL FILES" for the file type, until I can find a better thing for downloads where you will only have to click on it.

For those of you dazed and confused types that have trouble comprehending complete sentences, I've conveniently highlighted the key words for you, all you have to do is do what the key words say, and you should be alllll set, morons! You don't even have to READ the rest! :)
Patriot Cat- Request from one of those silly Amandas!
It's a...patriotic cat, obviously.
Mr. Tiffly
Request from Mambo

A male, Miss. Tiffly
Miss. Tiffly
Old char!! One of the first.
Request from Gab

A psycho cat with its own strait jacket.
Request from the OTHER Amanda
A snail cat..or....SNAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is what Snat derived from, for some reason this char is see maybe it is a ghost cat :(
A cat in a dragon suit thingy
This was one of my first chars and I think its the ugliest thing ever but I'll put it here anyway.
SPECIAL FOR HALLOWEEN!!!! (Though posted a bit late >:O )
Nemukko Nyago
A character from Sanrio (Hello Kitty)