Trumpet 8/76
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HELLO AGAIN! This must be about the third or fourth ARG newsletter so I wonder if anyone would like some back numbers, if you wish to acquire all of our publications so far. New members include Wild Weed, Jacques Coustou and Adolph Hitler, bringing membership of the London ARG to 37.

A few members went to the FM group meeting this month after stopping off at the Rose and Crown for a few beers. How they managed to drive there I shall never know, as they were quite paralytic. They didnít bother to go in as they all got bored the last time, so they stood around outside singing " Tavern in the Town" (the ARG theme). Little G8IJT got rather annoyed at having his toy camera thrown on the floor when he tried to take our picture and he nearly got beaten up by four ARG members. G8IJT left in a sulk.

My thanks to G8GYP for turning up about two weeks ago. He did not agree with our principles, and I would like to make that clear to all< but I think he liked our ale and we had quite a friendly discussion. Remember you are all welcome.

And now I have a report from Synthetic Elephant.

" I was sitting in the RAC on Tuesday 20 July wondering what news to put in this months newsletter when Suicide Jockey burst into the pub and said that he had seen KOY 248K, Victor Frisbeeís private car (postman), parked in a side road over the other side of the green. I thought to myself, " A SCOOP!" and quickly grabbed a pen and a piece of paper. Malcolm Muggaridge drove us down there and waited around the corner. I tapped on the window of his Volvo, which he wound down. I asked, "I am a reporter for the ARG newsletter, could I have a story".

He replied, "Who are you".

I said, "I canít tell you that".

He replied, "I have nothing to say".

When asked if he wanted a copy of our newsletter, he replied, "I can get hold of one". Well Victor you certainly will, we will be sending one to your home address.

I noticed a magnetic mount antenna on his car roof but it did not appear to be a 5/8th wave or a ľ wave. It was probably a general purpose piece of wire for any frequency and was issued by the Post Office. Eric Gotts was seen ten minuets later trying to hide on the corner of Kew Green behind the clubhouse. We went back a while later to obtain a photograph but all the postmen had gone. Suicide Jockey won a pint of ale for being the first to spot them. Well Done!"

This newsletter is, of course, going to be distributed at the Alexandra Palace Convention.

It is proposed to have an Idi Amin contest night. Best imitation of Idi wins a wax effigy of CP tower to stick pins in. The competition will be held on Tuesday 3 August 1976. So why not join in.

The London ARG would like to thank all those members of the ARG who are active on GB3MP (Monty Python). One of our members was up that way and got a reply straight away when he whistled " Tavern in the Town". We shall soon be international. Thatís all for now. Have fun, be good, Ten-Four,




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